Pardon us Soumya, we are helpless

I am writing this post with tears in my pun intended
Being a mother, I can’t remain unmoved with what is one of the quintessential example of injustice. Soumya’s mother’s wailing still echoes in my ears.
Well, what should we assume with today’s judgement. There were evidences for cruel rape but not for murder. Seriously? She died the same night and still we need f*k*ng bloody evidences. And what else, this is not a rarest of the rare case. Okay so from today onwards a group of perverts set out for a rape and murder spree. In a year, however brutal the crime be, it will no longer be a rarity.

Let’s start teaching our children to cooperate if someone tries to molest them. Pun intended this time. Atleast we will have them with us, with or without self respect.
I have always beamed in pride of my country, its cultural heritage. But now it is a land with law but no justice, culture but no humanity, activists but no action. Now law means Lechers Are Welcome. Jai Hind

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