Seizures are often a matter of worry for all mothers. Febrile seizures occur when the kid shave high fever. ie Body Temperature is way too high. While epileptic seizures need to be treated on a long term, febrile seizures are generally harmless but however we prepare ourselves for an episode, it feels like we are at the edge of the cliff once it happens. I have been there but now I know what to do and I shall share my little knowledge with you.

What to expect

The first thing we should keep in mind is that we should not fret about it. We need to keep a calm mind. Seeing your child rattling, without responding to you is scary. They won’t respond to you even for a while after the seizures. But don’t get scared. It is natural.

I woke up and he was rattling like a dry leaf

What to do?

  • Make sure they are in a safe place. Away from fire, water, sharp objects, etc
  • Give them space to breathe. They won’t be in their conscious mind and their energy will be drained out completely. Don’t smother them by hugging them tightly. At that time they need breathing space more than a mother’s warmth.
  • Notice the duration. The duration of the seizures is very important. If it is below 15 minutes, there is generally nothing to worry about. But still, take them to a doctor
  • After the seizures are over, take them to a doctor but make sure to sponge them in the meantime and bring the temperature down. Use lukewarm water. You need to concentrate on their underarms, feet, and face.

We rushed him to the hospital


The hospital that I took my child did EEG to check if he has any neurological issues. They also gave a medicine to be given the next time he has fever above 99 Degree Farenheit. The same was to be given for four days since the seizure. BUT- My pediatrician later said that checking the EEG for the first episode of seizure is not advisable.

Same with the medicine- He said that it is not required to give the medicine since only one episode was there. Why? Because the medicine affects the kidney function. Hence it is not advisable for kids after the first episode of seizures. I had a first-hand experience of the same because his vein collapsed and ended up having severe urinary infection later.

Don’t give the tablet regularly after first episode of seizures.

How to prevent?

  • Once after they have the first episode of seizures, don’t let the temperature hike. Give them Ibugesic or the similar medicines
  • Sponge them with wet cloth dipped in lukewarm water. It shouldn’t be dripping wet.
  • Keep a check on the temperature
  • Monitor them

Trust me. It will look scary but there is nothing to worry. If it recurs, consult a neurologist for any damages. Lest, sit back and relax. Your child is fine.


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