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Why Should We Wakeup by The Right Side in the Morning?

What to do after waking up but do you know how to wake up. Or, precisely speaking which side to wake up? You might know that it is the right side. But do you know why right side is considered 'the right side'?

Holistic Wellness

Best Morning Routine For Holistic Wellness

To have a a positive day, you must have a positive morning. Yes, the vibe you receive and emanate first in the morning stays with you the whole day. So a social media foray should never be your first morning routine. Let's see what should be the ideal morning routine for wellness.

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Food To Store During Home Quarantine

We are facing lockdown every other day. With unexpected restrictions it is tough to get hold of food items during emergency situations. It is advisable to store less perishable food items so that you could use them for a longe while. Hence we are sharing the list of food to store during home quarantine as well as a few delicious, easy and healthy recipes.

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Busting The Myths About Vaginal Yeast Infection

Female intimate hygiene is a topic that has been discussed behind the doors. Women often find it difficult discuss it due to the fear of judgement. The issues related to intimate areas are numerous but the most common amongst these is vaginal yeast infection. Being conditioned to belive that vaginal infection is related to lack… Continue reading Busting The Myths About Vaginal Yeast Infection

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Puberty In Boys – Why This Shyness?

Puberty in boys is a topic that is often less prioritised as it is a slow process and there is no clear indication like periods. Moreover, in our patriarchal families, fathers refuse to discuss the topic and mothers are shy. Or used to be so! The world is growing with a brand new perspective and… Continue reading Puberty In Boys – Why This Shyness?


Puberty In Girls – Every Mother’s Worry

As much as we blame the junk food, aginomoto, hormone infused chicken, or milk,  we need to be prepared and accept the fact the pubert in girls is a normal process.

Is your child suffering from adenoiditis?

Adenoiditis – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

My second child snores like an adult. Time to get him checked because"ADENOIDITIS IS GENETIC" and he had the symptoms.

Poetry and Short Stories

Sunset Poem – Sun Is A She

A sunset ride to the backwaters of Kerala could evoke the following thoughts. Kerala is called " the Gods own country" for a reason. The greenery, water, nature - Will it be enough ever? The sunset made me think how much we relate with the sun. And thus this sunsey poem was born. SUN IS… Continue reading Sunset Poem – Sun Is A She

Importance of saying no
Self Love

The Importance Of Saying No For Eternal Positivity

Being positive doesn't mean that you should always say positive answers to everyone's request and "order". Being positive also means that you should severe that which affect your peace of mind. Quite often you would have come across situations where you feel that you are being taken for granted. You keep quiet. Why?Because that person… Continue reading The Importance Of Saying No For Eternal Positivity

Social Issues

Don’t Condone These Regressive Sexist Comments! Recognize And React

We live in a era of female rights where loud proclamations of reservations and equal pay are rife. But knowingly or not, we are still living in an era where sexist comments camouflaged as acknowledging a woman's eminence. It is high time we grow above these vile, veiled backscratches and see sense.