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How To Know Yourself In An Era When The Meaning Of Mindfulness Is Subjective

Life can be colorful or black and white or in the shades of grey. It’s up to you as to how you would paint it. Every one of you might have lost your key at least once. Searching everywhere desperately you would think, I should have taken a little more care. While searching all over,… Continue reading How To Know Yourself In An Era When The Meaning Of Mindfulness Is Subjective

What Does International Women’s Day Entail For You?

What is so great about international women’s day 2022? I have been asking myself this question. Because the moment clock tick 12 we are going back to the same life scenario of judgment, gaslighting, discrimination, and whatnot. Will the celebrations work?

The Mistake – Short Story For #StorytellersBloghop

He emerged through the blue abode, stabbing the fairies in the white robe, sprinkling their blood for the world to see, and wake up to the beauty of pain. However, oblivious of the wounded souls, they captured the breathtaking vista for the virtual eyes and moved on to begin a new day. Pari watched the… Continue reading The Mistake – Short Story For #StorytellersBloghop

Know Your Health – The Revolutionary Feature by ICICI Lombard

Health is wealth- we have been hearing this saying since childhood. Eating healthy food, exercising, you would have tried everything in your possibility to ensure healthy living. Nonetheless, life has thrown a googly in the name of pandemic and you’re left with an uncertain future or so you think. The situation has become so dire that anything could happen at any time. Hence with an intention to ensure better health and to make sure you are able to keep a track of your health, ICICI Lombard has introduced the know your health feature in the IL TakeCare App which enables you to keep yourself in good health.