Holistic wellness with RJ
Dosha Quiz – Ayurveda way of Quotation on healthy lifestyle
Dosha Quiz – Ayurveda way of Quotation on healthy lifestyle

To enable us to understand our Dosha and incorporate it into our lives, we have presented a Dosha Quiz, an Ayurveda way of quotation on a healthy lifestyle.

Is Fibromyalgia Real? Symptoms Of fibromyalgia conditions can be confusing…
Is Fibromyalgia Real? Symptoms Of fibromyalgia conditions can be confusing…

I was left wondering "Is fibromyalgia real?". For more than a year I lived in denial because the doctor said so. As the days went by, my pain worsened and I was unable to pinpoint the source of pain as it kept on radiating throughout the body.

Mindful Living – A Dream Place Where Mind Is Without Fear
Mindful Living – A Dream Place Where Mind Is Without Fear

Where mind is without fear, we attain unbeleivable feats. To get rid of fear we need to be awake, mindful.


Community Initiatives by Rakhi Jayashankar

Holistic wellness with RJ

Read for wellness

Reading can be therapy but reading what you can relate to is important. I share the snippets from my experience about how my Holistic Wellness Journey has empowered me. These experiences could be the ones that you have gone through or witnessed someone going through. This is my humble attempt to enable you to venture into the world of wellness.

Ladies Corner

Ladies corner is an initiative to promote women entrepreneurs in promotion and growth.

Outset Books

Books can be therapy. Hence to walk you through the world of books, Ouset books are committed. Book reviews, author interviews, book promotions, book club, book marathon, kid readers, and more…

Moms of kochi

Moms of Kochi

This is the first moms community in Kochi. The aim is to bring the moms forth and helps them in gaining knowledge and sharing information.

Holistic Wellness

Bring your life to full circle when you fight your triggers and emerge successfully – Holistically. We have one month wellness program as well as six-month coaching.

Yoga Training

Yoga is not just a weight loss exercise. It is a holistic therapy that intrinsically cleanses you and brings you ultimate peace. Yoga has the power of activating your chakras and brings you close to ultimate holistic wellness

Life Coaching

Eat what you like, mindfully. Dieting is not starving. Know which diet suits you the best and indulge in the journey towards health. We are here to guide you to do the right diet and exercise.

Holistic Wellness and Life Coach, Yoga Trainer

Rakhi Jayashankar

I am a mother of three kids, four, if you count my husband. Growing up I wanted to be a writer but ended up being a biotechnologist. When passion calls, qualifications fail to hold ground. Naturally, I went ahead with the passion and found my purpose with my first blog Outset.

Sounds familiar? Yes, This is everyone’s tale when the rat race gets hold of their life and they fail to see what they love. I feel you. My journey of self-discovery was not easy. I have been in the pit where I thought ‘this is what it is’. But that was not all. I went ahead to write a book, start my blogs, and podcasts, and finally amalgamated my passion with my qualification to become a Holistic Wellness Life Coach, Health and Nutrition Coach, Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Coach, Facial Reflexology Practitioner, and Yoga Trainer.

  • Holistic Wellness Coach
  • Mindfulness Teacher
  • Yoga trainer
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Meditation Practitioner
  • Advanced Reflexology


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