The doctor said, “it’s incompetent cervix. You will have to undergo an encirclage and remain on bedrest for the remaining pregnancy and the future pregnancies so to speak. That was the first step down into the pit of despair. As fate would have it I went on to test my waters twice and had three angels (all hyperactive, keeping me in my toes, rarely making me regret the decision). The third one came out with a congenital pneumonia. We nearly lost him. But yes, his destiny was not served and hence he came back.

The trauma of three encirclages, pre term deliveries and rearing three kids (who were born so close that my oldest and youngest are just five years apart) weighed down heavily on me. This coupled with a toxic friendship drained me of the perseverance which I have in abundance. That’s where I crawled back to the soil and starter sprouting my roots. My wellness journey begins there.

Once I started growing tender leaves, I decided to provide my services to the deserving. That’s where you have landed now. Holistic Wellness with RJ.

My Passion

Give me a pen and I will start writing. Give me a laptop and I will start typing. Reading and writing have always been my passion and hence my book blog https://outsetbooks.com was born. The more I read the more I wanted to know more.

After my traumatic pregnancies and personal hassles, I learned more about Holostic wellness. I learned that Yoga is inherently connected with wellness. There started the journey amalgamating, Yoga, nutrition and holistic wellness. Now, being a book review blogger, life coach, health coach and Yoga trainer, my passion is no longer different from profession

My Goals

My goal is to bring happiness and positivity to the masses. Bring everyone to the path of holistic wellness and see the smile on face. The smile that comes from within. This is my vision and my Holistic Wellness and Yoga Program is my mission to attain this vision.

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