Moms of Kochi is the first official Moms community in Kochi. What started as a small WhatsApp group soon grew into a space where you can approach for any information, promotions, and much more.

If you are a mother or someone trying to be a mother, who is residing in or hailing from Kochi, this is your space to be.

Moms of Kochi

Vision of Moms of Kochi

Moms of Kochi was started with a vision to bring the mother out into the world. Breaking the inhibition has been the toughest part but soon MoK as we dearly call the group became a part of our lives.

To grow and let grow, To know and let others know. To love and be loved. Moms of Kochi is all about the camaraderie of women, mothers.


MoK has several branches to bring moms with similar interests together. We have groups for Entrepreneurs. Professionals, Creators, 55+ mothers, teenagers mom. single mom. homemaker and more. But meeting similar people, the members can widen their horizons.


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