Warrior of womanhood

Warrior of Womanhood – When her Story Becomes History

This is a tribute to all women out there who has struggles to share but shy away from telling the world. This is a tribute to every woman out there who has been thinking of telling her story to the world but did get the right opportunity. Moreover, this is a tribute to the woman whose story has been out there but the more we share the stronger it comes out. This is an ongoing process because I believe everyday is women’s day – every day for each warrior of womanhood.

New Year Messages for myself

New Year Messages That I Wrote For Myself

As the year was going by, it was time for my retrospection. Should I write my gratitude for the year that is bidding adieu or should I look forward to the new year? After mulling over this, I thought, well I am a law of attraction coach. Why not use it for my coming year. So I decided to write New Year messages for myself.