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Happinetz Ensures Internet Safety For Kids

Increased screen time in kids has become the reason for mothers’ sleepless nights. During and after the pandemic the kids are using online learning resources more than before. It has also pulled our kids into a whirlpool of addictive virtual reality. While family time and reading time take a back seat, internet safety for kids has slithered into the minds of mothers, occupying their thoughts. There is a dilemma of not being able to monitor kids enough and at the same time, not wanting to be a prying mother when it comes to internet usage and screen time. That’s when Happinetz became the 2 a.m. friend to the mother who can share this humongous burden of guilt and helplessness.

What is the real awareness of breastfeeding that we should have?

Breast feeding awareness week is going on. Everyone is talking about the importance of breastfeeding and also breastfeeding in public. It is commendable that contrary to the past aversion in many women regarding breastfeeding connected to their own body and health, people are indeed showing interest in the topic. So what is the awareness that …

Teenagers and trouble

Teenagers are like fire crackers. How safely we handle them is all upto us. We can either make them useless by pouring water or beautiful by giving a slight spark or explosive by giving a full fledged fire. Each teenager is different. Hence how we handle them should be different too. Teenage is a time …


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