The micturition trauma

Inequality between a man and a woman begins with micturition (simply called urination). When man can simply stand and bid adieu to the unwanted debris a woman has to sit. When man can simply do the honours behind the shades of a tree (some don’t want it even. They just pee by the side of national highway), woman has to practice the kegels exercise from the moment she is free of diaper. When man doesn’t have to care much about the cleanliness of the toilet, a woman thinks thousand times since her skin is actually touching the material. It’s a disgusting feeling trust me. Things get worse while travelling.

These days we can hear heated debates on whether 50% reservation for women is fair or not. Some say that it is needed to bring the downtrodden gender to the forefront. Some says,the smart ones will come up with or without reservation. Let the debates continue. Meanwhile please take a look into the core issue faced by women. Please don’t forget the fact that peeing is always an issue for women with or without reservation. Many refrain from drinking water in this fear and end up having UTI

We can teach our boys to respect women. We can teach our girls to defend themselves. But how can we teach them to control the basic necessity of a human being? Even graver is the situation of transgender. While women have toilet in malls, hospitals, offices and similar places, the third gender  (I don’t know if it’s unethical to call them that way) don’t have any. Where do they go? To gents toilet or to the ladies toilet.

Debate about reservation at your will but meanwhile take a look into this core issue. While spending crores of rupees for infrastructure, just think about building public toilets. You want to collect toll? Go ahead but let us free of the trauma.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. A very relevant issue and a problem we face day in and day out. I agree with each of your words here and, I believe, all women would, because we have gone through this trauma!
    Hygiene is a great problem and for the reasons you have pointed out, most of the Indian women, even the ones living in metro cities, suffer from UTI. 🙁

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