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Onam-Second day through sixth day #MyFriendAlexa

I did announce the Onam series but couldn’t post everyday due to something or the other. Today onwards everyday we have something or the other coming up. Will update in the next post. For now we will see the past few days.

As mentioned in my last post, the rounds keep increasing day by day. Day 2 Chithira had two rounds.

See the sunflower tip toeing to see the darlin Sun.

Cant blame her because he is so handsome.

The day three had three rounds of flowers. For the first 6 days the pookalam will have round shape.

On the third day, Chothi we put red flowers. The pic above shows how I tried to manage with whatever flowers we had at home. The fancy pookalams we see in pictures starts from the seventh day. That we will see in the next post.

If you haven’t read my first post in the series, do check it out.

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa. #Scrutiny

14 thoughts on “Onam-Second day through sixth day #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. The pictures are the show stealer of this post. It reminded me of the Onam celebration days when I was in Bangalore and celebrated with my friends.


  2. So I went through the third post then the first and then the second. This Alexa season I’ve learnt a lot about Onam and you have added lustre to my knowledge with your detailed description. The pictures with the first piece are awesome!


  3. I love the Onam festival. My dad is from the Army background he had this Maharashtrian friend who got married to a South Indian girl. Dad had fixed this intercaste marriage and helped uncle to talk with his dad. Every year aunty used to call us for Onam. We personally love coconut gravies as we belong to Konkan and coconut is a staple ingredient here. I miss those days super nostalgic post for me 🙂 I still recollect that aunty was so soft-spoken and welcoming to us
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads


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