Clothing- A necessity or luxury #BerryTree

We are going through a tough phase right now. The Covid-19 situation is an unprecedented challenge that we have to face together. While staying at home is the best way possible, we cannot fully be confined to the houses as we have to support our families. So staying completely at home might not be a feasible solution. But as the government suggests, it is advisable to keep little kids and senior citizens at home.

Clothing- A necessity or a luxury?

There are a lot of issues we have to face while confined to home like unavailability of the essentials. But there are problems that have not been addressed or ignored while setting the priority straight. One such issue is clothing. While food, shelter and clothing are counted as basic necessities, in situation like this, clothing is counted as a luxury. But what we ignore is that people with new born babies, toddlers and even school going kids will have an unsolved clothing problem as thier kids grow out of the clothes they have in store. Event the pregnant ladies face the same issues. Why, I wonder that this issue is counted as a menial problem. Anyways we are not gaining anything by discussions on this front. Solution need to be found.

There are a lot of websites that resumed their clothing services but from the point of going organic and eco friendly, now we are again back to whatever is available.

Organic Clothing

Organic Clothing is not merely reserved to serving the nature and being eco friendly. There are numerous people who are allergic to synthetic fibres of clothes and even some dyes. Hence, for maybe a minority or a majority,we never know, organic Clothing is a life saver. This is the same for kids and adults alike. But we cannot set out in search of organic cloth stores that are open. Here comes the rescue team.

Berry Tree tree is an organic essential store, primarily for kids. Their prime concentration is on new born babies as they are prone to rashes whole using synthetic clothes. They also have clothes for kids boys , Kids girls, and even dads and moms.

They also have birthday return gifts, which could be used for gifting your kids as well, since it is the tough times and you need to make them understand the importance of supporting our nature.

Basically for those who have allergies the website is a life saver.

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They also share several DIY ideas in their social media pages and blog.

Check out Berry Tree and let us know your opinion

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