In which angle does he look like a child

So the monster is out. The day when a group of minor boys set out to rape girls since they won’t get much punishment seems to be near. I have a daughter. I cannot think of bringing her up in this scenario.
The monster is taken to a secret place to ensure his safety.He is fed with our tax money!
We have heard of our girls being raped mercilessly by zamindars and British officers. Is the situation different now? Why did we gain independence? To lock up our girls inside?
I am planning to move some other country where these sort of atrocities are given the deserved punishment
Footnote: If he can rape a girl, it means that he is biologically grown up. The how could we consider him as a child. If two lovers kiss in public, moral polices thrash them. If one rape a girl he goes Scot free. What a contorted justice.
I am doing what ever possible

Here is the link to petition for passing Juvenile Justice Amendment Act as soon as possible, instead of waiting for the next incident

The Juvenile Justice Amendment Act passed by the Lok Sabha and pending before the Rajya Sabha needs to be debated and passed immediately to ensure that…


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