“let The Child Decide The Gender” – A Revolutionary Decision After The Transgender Pregnancy

Ziya Paval and partner Zahad came into limelight when their pregnancy photoshoot went viral. Little did they know then that they were creating history for the LGBTQ community. As much as the world around added tag to the transgender pregnancy with names and assumptions, the couple has emerged as a hope for the queer community. 

India’s First Transgender Pregnancy

Ziya is a transwoman and Zahad is a transman. Zahad was undergoing his gender transformation, got the breasts removed and was undergoing hormone treatment. But their life took a U-turn when he was pregnant with Ziya’s child. For the child’s health, Zahad put off his hormone treatment till delivery.


While the news was accepted openheartedly by the larger strata of the country, another section called the pregnancy ‘hollow’, releasing a can of worms which show how regressive a section of the nation can be. The bigotry of the so called male dominated society was laid bare when a bunch of cyber bullies went berserk assigned bizzare names for the baby and the pregnancy.

Despite all odds, the couple refused to give in to the dysfunctional views of the superficially functional society. 

The new member

On 9th February, Zahad gave birth to a baby. The pregnancy that the whole nation was looking forward to went uneventful and the child is healthy. When inquired about the gender of the child, Ziya said she would leave it to the child decide the gender and refused to go by the cisgender norms. She initiated a legal battle to add her name under mother and Zahad’s name, (who gave birth to the child) as father. Whether you like it or not, this is a revolution that was long overdue and the country is set to see a change that the queer community and allies were waiting to witness. If the could created history with the first transgender pregnancy, they repeated it by deciding not to reveal the childs gender and setting off a legal battle to get the names of the mother and father in columns against the cisgender norms.

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  1. This is really a sensitive topic and yes as you mentioned this is a revolution and no idea how Indian society will react and accept this change.

    1. I hope people would be fast in accepting it for what it is.

  2. This is truly a remarkable story of courage, resilience, and hope for the LGBTQ community. Ziya and Zahad’s decision to let their child decide their own gender is not only revolutionary but also a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and accepting society. It’s heartbreaking to see the regressive and bigoted reactions from some sections of society, but the couple’s refusal to give in to these views is truly inspiring. Congratulations to the couple on the birth of their healthy child, and kudos to them for taking on the legal battle to challenge the cisgender norms. I hope this sets a positive precedent for future generations and paves the way for greater acceptance and diversity in our society.

  3. This is really revolutionary and a sign of the times. I really admire the courage and conviction of the couple, and their decision to let the child decide its gender.

  4. Our society is changing, however, small or tiny this shift is, I am happy to see that it is taking place. We are a diverse society and few will always be against any change or development. Not just men, I have read and seen many women too angsty about this. We still have a long way to go, but the shift has begun.

  5. One thing that intrigues me is that people are more bothered about what others should do and how they should live their life. It is so infuriating. We should all be free to live life according to our own accord. We should not be judged harshly because of the choices we make. I think everyone’s opinion matters, and no one should feel like their opinions are being disregarded. We need to create a culture where everyone is respected, regardless of what they believe in or how they want to live their life. If we as a society could mind our own business and take care of our own lives, things would be more sorted around us.

  6. Recently even i came across this article on Z&Z. I didn’t know this word ‘cisgender’. On searching it on Google i got to know there are now 7 genders. I have to read more on this.

  7. Ziya and Zahad must be applauded for the immense courage they’ve shown in going against societal norms and choosing to live life on their own terms. I wish them the best and hope to see our society accept such bold decisions.

  8. Well, my opinion on this is to simply give respect. As long as their actions don’t harm others, then, our society must respect them as how we give respect to others. At the end of the day, we’re all humans created by God and all He wants is to be happy with the life He’s given.

  9. This article challenges traditional gender norms and offers a thought-provoking perspective on letting children choose their own gender identity. A must-read for open-minded individuals.

  10. Wow, kudos to the couple for standing up against the world and fighting for their family’s rights. We all know that times are changing and I hope that everyone get their share of happiness and peace.

  11. Good to see many things are changing in our country. And i respect the mothers decision of let child choose his gender. I mean how cool is that. 🤗❤️ we are moving towards the world of equality 🤗

  12. Good to see things are changing in the country how amazing is a child chooses its gender
    We are slowly moving forwards to a world of equality

  13. We all know that times are changing. Good to see things are changing in the country . I think everyone’s opinion matters, and no one should feel like their opinions are being disregarded. We need to create a culture where everyone is respected, regardless of what they believe in or how they want to live their life.

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