Does Human Rights Apply to Ogres?

Human rights commission enquiring the Hyderabad encounter. What a fast delivery of justice and human rights. Those four poor souls were denied human rights it seems. An eye for an eye makes the world blind! If the sight means seeing a woman as an object irrespective of age, a blind world is better.

To the ones who make a hue and cry about the injustice and inappropriateness of the Hyderabad encounter, let me put forth a few scenarios.

While in a crowd if we by mistake touch or bump against a stranger how uncomfortable we feel? I am not telling about any molestation or groping. Just a coincidental confrontation.

While sitting in a room or travelling in a cab, if the other person has the smell of sweat, how repugnant it feels? The poor guy or girl would have been toiling the whole day but that doesn’t change the discomfort we feel.
If someone near us burp or fart we feel nauseated. The whole day we think about how bad an experience it was.
If we talk to someone with bad breath we try to end the conversation or keep maximum distance to avoid the unpleasantness. If we take a room or go to a place with mosquitoes or lack of hygeine we crib to no end about the bad experience.

These are the situations we would find uncomfortable yet try to avoid. Here we are talking about a woman who had to lie naked amidst the bushes infested with rats and what all reptiles. Her body was laid bare to four people who were drunk and waiting for her for hours. She had to bear the body odour and mouth odour and sweat while her whole body was touched and violated and her vagina was spurted with semen of four ogres who doesn’t even deserve animal rights let alone human rights. They raped her till her last breath. While fighting for life, she was not given artificial oxygen, or safety of a hospital but lying naked on the floor. If that was not enough, they burned her body.

See yourself there and then say that you want them alive and face the law which never delivers justice to the rape victims.

In Unnao, the historic decision was taken to give job to the girl’s sister. Wow! When needed these bastards refused to give protection that she badly needed and now running around to hide their faces by giving her sister a job? So much for fighting for justice. This is the justice you want them to wait for?

If looked deeply, Kerala police is far better. Even a year later they are giving police protection to the historic woman who fought with the family and the whole world to deliver justice to the women’s race by entering the Sabarimala temple. What if she never even moved a finger against any other atrocities towards women? Still she is given police protection!!!!!!

More stories of gang rape and henious murders post rape by pouring acid and setting the women ablaze because they complained or they could complain. And people are still concerned about their human rights and justice and law.

As it is India is a land of female foeticide. The situation had started changing post strict rules and awareness. We were thinking about a world where girls could roam around freely. My mother thought my generation would get the luxury. I thought my daughter would. But now things are going downhill. Those days are not far when people choose to not have a girl child in the fear that she might get raped.

Disclaimer: This is not a post to get likes and shares . This the rant of a mother, woman who is scared of looking into the future, who is helpless and realizes that any amount of protests, petitions and rebellion wouldn’t work to deliver justice.

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