Bed rest and pre-term delivery

Hello mommies out there,

Don’t sulk and frown at me. I know I left everyone half way with the pregnancy posts. Some of the expecting mothers among you might have had their babies by now. But I was trapped with the three hellions. What I understood in the past one year is that if you have a child, it’s beautiful, endearing;if you have two kids then you are handful; if you have three kids you are in chaos. If you have four kids and more, may god bless you.

So, I had left the line of posts with the cervical encirclage. We saw the two main types of encirclages. Since I had my encirclage for the first baby in my seventh month, the uterus was already expanded and the stitch was towards the end. Hence it was more painful when compared to the rest of the cases. I was on complete bedrest for good two months.There can be difference of opinion regarding the bedrest. Pregnancy is a time when we get unsolicited advice, with a lot of tips. For my bedrest as well, I got too many advices. Why are you taking rest, that too with the foot end of the bed raised! So and so doctor wouldn’t have advised bedrest, for a healthy baby a mother should walk and work, you shouldn’t have travelled so much lest this wouldn’t have happened, this and that and there and then and what not.

My dear to be mommies, the first thing you should do on getting pregnant is to shut your brain to baseless advices. Just smile and nod and forget! I had to undergo encirclage because I had incompetent cervix not because i travelled in my car. I had to remain on bedrest because I have a unicorn uterus which is too weak to carry a baby. Now, how can I convince this to the aunties and chachis and bhabhis. So, i just smiled and nodded and forgot!

However, I spent two months on bed. After 33 weeks I started having pain in the pubic area like I had during the 27th week. The NST test didn’t show any contraction and hence doctor asked me to wait. I waited for one more week and after 34 weeks the pain was unbearable and doctor decided to remove the stitch lest it would break and asked me to come for a check up after four days. On the fourth day, we went for the check up. We reached the hospital at 5 o’clock in the evening. On doing the finger test, doctor said “I think I can feel baby’s head” and asked me to go to the labour room and started induction. My father went to take necessary clothes and my mother called my husband who was only a few kilometres away from the hospital. It was 6 o clock by then. Induction started and immediately I said “I have the pushing tendency.” Doctor asked me to wait for an hour Or two since child birth takes time. But I was unable to wait and kept on compelling the doctor to do something. Finally the doctor gave up and checked my cervix and I still remember her horrified face. She started screaming “OMG!Crowning has started. Shift her to the labour table.” The sisters literally swung me near the labour table and asked me to shift. With the baby’s head stuck in my vagina, I still don’t remember how I made myself shift from the bed to the table. Doctor asked me to push. One strong push and a filthy thing flew to doctors hands. I was angry that after so much why didn’t  my baby come first. In the ba`ckground I can hear the doctor yelling about suction. And suddenly I heard a shrieking sound from the filthy thing which happened to be my baby daughter and my delivery was done in twenty minutes. Offff I have goosebumps now.


The nurses, after cleaning her, wrapped her in a white towel and brought her to me. That was the most beautiful sight I have seen in my life. A little face with tiny dots in the place of eyes and a line instead of mouth and a prominent nose like a Pinocchio, just like their dad, to my dismay. This reminded me of the funny quote ” I carried you for nine months, I was in labour for fifteen hours, I couldn’t sleep properly for six months, and you came of looking like your dad.” In my case I can’t even tell that since none of my kids stayed inside my uterus for nine months and my daughter came out in twenty minutes. Nevertheless I have an edge over my sons since they put me in labour for 15 and 72 hours respectively.

I didn’t notice that doctor had applied local anaesthesia on my vaginal area and stitching the bruise that this little angel has caused. I slipped into a dreamy trance and slept.

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