Three golden rules of skin care

Beauty and skin care is now a days a cake walk for women, all thanks to the cascading blogs and YouTube videos on beauty, makeup and skin care. We all know a lot about beauty and skincare but do we all know the basic steps into skincare. Every woman know that to get rid of the age lines we must use anti-ageing cream, to get rid of dark circles, we must use under-eye cream and so on and so forth. Notwithstanding the surge of information, there are still a lot of women or rather girls who are unaware of the three basic steps of skin care. Skincare does not just end up in washing your face and smearing the skin with creams. So, what are the three basic steps that have been repeated over and over again?


Cleansing does not necessarily be wiping off the epidermis with cleansing milk. Personally I don’t prefer using cleansing milk unless it is comprised of natural ingredients. A good mild face wash would do the purpose. The face wash should preferably be sulphate free. One Sulphate free face wash which I came across is Forest Essentials face wash but it is expensive and would not be an affordable one for everyone. As you can seen in the picture below, it is Rs.1075/- for a 200ml bottle.IMG-20180104-WA0017 Unfortunately I could not find any other Sulphate free face wash till now. Even the ones that come with the herbal label contains sulphate. If any of you could find one, do tell me in the comment section and I would update it with your name. While washing your face it is important to mildly massage your face in outward motion. It is important to use your finger tips and keep the pressure light lest it will provide adverse results.


Toning is a deceptive step in daily skin care that most of us choose to skip. I tend to skip this step even now. Toning is an important step that should not be skipped since it helps in removing the remnants of oil and dirt that the cleanser has left behind. It is key to select a toner that does not contain alcohol. It balances the pH of your skin and helps to insulate the open pores. Rose water is a good toner. We can make it at home. A DIY of the same would be posted in the coming days.

Toner should neither be used like a cleanser nor like a moisturiser. It is important to know that a toner should not be rubbed into your skin. Take a cotton pad and dampen it with a toner and apply it to your face in a dabbing motion.



This step should be done right after face wash. Gently press your face with a towel to make sure that the face is free of water but still remains damp.


Moisturising is one step that majority of the women follow like a religious ritual. Most women complain about the moisturiser keeping your face sticky and oily. This is primarily because we skip the toning step. Another important step to keep in your mind is to use very little moisturiser.


Finding the right moisturiser for your face is important. The purpose of a moisturiser is to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. It is always preferable to avoid using the whitening creams available in the market. You skin might look glowing and fair on using such creams but on the long run these creams will damage your skin for good and cause irreversible damage to your skin.

So gear up from today onward, follow the three golden rules and see the difference.


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