Dealing with Sinusitis- The tried and tested cure.

Of late I came across many kids and adults who have been suffering from Sinusitis. I myself used to struggle with the headache. Now my daughter does. Often for many diseases, the medicine is your experience. It’s not always the theoretical knowledge provided to us by the doctors. Not that they are wrong but we have our own trial and error methods that have worked for us.

Today I am sharing my tried and tested cure for sinusitis.

The best and the easiest medicine is taking steam. It could be done using water boiled with Panikoorka leaves or Tulsi leaves. Tulsi you all know is Basil. Panikoorka is called Indian Borage or Indian Rock Foil or Cuban Oregano

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The leaves smell heavenly. By simply smelling the leaves we can have so much comfort from common cold. For more details on the uses of this plant, you can refer to

Panikoorka is helpful only if your headache is mild, so is Tulsi. If you have swollen sinus and severe headache, it is better to take Karvol plus.

I have already used a few capsules.

It is a soft green coloured capsule with a silicony feel. It is quite strong as well.We need to cut it open and pour inside the vaporizer or boiling water.

For kids one or two drops would be sufficient. As it has a tingling feel it would be difficult to inhale it if the whole capsule is added.

If inhaling doesn’t help, next step is an ayurvedic preparation.

We need a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice and a pinch of rasnadi choornam.

Crushed ginger

Heat the spoon with the ginger juice mixed with Rasnadi choornam directly over the stove till it boils down to a creamy consistency.

Roll it into the size of a 25ps coin and apply it on the pate like shown in the picture.

Do this twice daily for three days. And the results are guaranteed.

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