The prejudice and cilche

We presume so much, don’t we?
When we see an otherwise exuberant person is silent, we presume that something is wrong with them or their family. If they look a little sad, we presume that they are depressed. We don’t think twice before saying someone is depressed, mad, crack or crazy. We would not think twice before we have someone who is actually going through the same. It has become an accepted practice these days to use these words commonly. We have rationalized the practice of protraying mental diseases as a joke. If someone has mood-swings, we call them a patient of bipolar or split personality disorders. Why this irresponsibility? Why is it an accepted norm?
If a person shows more exuberance and act different we ask them ‘have you gone mad?” Would you ask the same about any life threatening disease? Then why this?
As it is there is a lot of taboo around mental diseases. Families and patients themselves try to cover-up for this particular disease because we made it a joke in our daily life. I too was like this till my son started calling someone mad for fun’s sake. This made me sit and think. We have been conditioned this way and let’s not condition the next generation like this.


Let’s decide from today onward, that we would not call each other mad or crack or crazy for fun’s sake. Because MENTAL DISEASE IS NOT A JOKE.S

It’s been a while since I have come up with the #morningcupofpositivity. The devil had come for a visit.

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