Quest of enlightenment

Most of us expect to have an enlightenment like what is seen in movies or books, or just wish so. That some Fakir or Sadhu will appear before us and tell us what to do so that you will get the ultimate freedom. But in reality, it is not the case. We end up loathing ourselves about some silly or grave mistake and self sympathise thinking when our problems would end. We share positive quotes  which says ” you are responsible for your happiness”  and get back to your bedroom to cry into your pillow or quench your anger with destruction.

The moment you master your emotions, you are enlightened. The moment you realize that you are meant for more important things, you are enlightened. The moment you know your self worth, you are enlightened. The moment you choose to be happy you are enlightened.

Your quest need not be for something that’s outside it is something inside you. You happiness, success, self worth, everything remains within you itself. So be ready to be enlightened. Let the quest take you inside your soul and let it recognise yourself

Rakhi Jayashankar

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