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Of late I have been asked if I don’t do household jobs at all. I appreciate the intrigue people have in my personal life. To curb the desire let me clarify. Yes, I don’t do much cooking, if cooking is the job they are referring to or is it room and bathroom cleaning? Or is it taking care of three kids of age two, five and seven? Why do people assume that someone who reads books is jobless. Why is reading considered as something that need to be done when you are jobless?

Let me ask! How many hours a day do you spend in watching forwarded videos in WhatsApp?  How many hours do you spend watching the shared posts in Facebook, and Instagram? How many hours or may be minutes you spend in a beauty parlour doing facial, pedicure,manicure or just doing eyebrows? How much time do you invest in TV? How much time do you have for a day out or night out with friends? If your answer is zero to all the questions, I admit that I am jobless. If your answer is a positive number for any one question, then I would say that you are judgemental.

Time is not a luxury. I have no time is not an excuse. We find time for doing everything that you feel you must do or you find an interest in. My interest is reading and my blog and hence I find time. But I don’t watch forwarded videos unless there is some caption which convinces me that it is worth my time. I don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account. I don’t go to parlours except  for a haircut coz by now I am convinced that no parlours could change how I look and neither helped me boost my confidence. I don’t watch TV except when there is some movie that I love ( only on weekend). Now you introspect and tell me how much time you have for reading?

When I am teaching my kids, while they are writing, I read. They never felt that Amma is doing something else while I am studying. Before going to bed my 7 year old daughter insists on reading a story herself. All these have made a positive impact in my psyche. We are living in an era of digital burst that books are viewed as obsolete. If our mindset is this, how can we expect our kids to indulge in reading.

Just because I am a review blogger, I don’t claim that I have read all the classics and international books. There are so many bloggers and books which are famous and I have not even heard of them. Does it make me less of are so person? Does following my passion make me jobless? I don’t think so. If you do, tell me in the comment section.


Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. Very logical writing, can understand the stand point that has forced you to write this post, am totally agree with your points and specially loved your quote…believed the same.

    1. Thank you so much. I feel honoured to know that the message I tried to convey is taken in the right sense

  2. Not at all…the jobless are those who spend time in judging others and claim that they are engaged. If we don’t read how we will know about the things that we must know, that we want to know about? And knowing has important role in how we can shape our lives. So,reading is integral part of the process that keeps us away from the path that is trivial.

    1. I love that viewpoint. Thank u, ,

  3. Reading, writing, blogging, etc are considered time-wasting activities by those who don’t or can’t appreciate the value and effort behind these activities. I believe that it’s their problem and whatever we say can’t change their view. As you have rightly pointed out it’s all about priorities. To each their own and when we accept that, we don’t dwell on questioning how someone else is spending their precious time. Good read, Rakhi!

  4. Thanks Vinita. As you said I have been asked N number of times why I am not doing anything in my life even after studying so much

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