The waves of happiness

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Quite often we take impulsive decisions and later regret them. Sometimes we take decisions we have been procrastinating due to the fear of facing the pain. Whether you are right or wrong is subjective but you can think whether the reason behind your decision was due to ego or becuase it was needed. That decides if you are right or wrong to your conscience.
I have always claimed to be a person without any ego but on introspection I realised that some steps I took were such that I could feel some degree of self edification. After doing something good, or after helping someone or doing something for someone if you feel highly of yourself, you are spoiling the greatness of what you did. I realised it quite recently and the moment I realised it my heart became light and a mysterious happiness erupted in my mind.
The same stands for some tough decisions in our life. A saint who is meditating finds it difficult to concentrate if he is surrounded by ants. He can either change the place or simply squeeze the ants. In both cases, the result is the same but the effect of meditation is different. Same can be applied in our lives as well. There can be ants in our lives too. Some would be the painful tiger ants, some would be harmless. In either case the discomfort is the same. It is better to keep a safe distance from either. Taking tough decisions won’t make you a negative person. It just proves that you have grown emotionally and made yourself capable of detaching yourself from ants, painful or not. The realisation gives you immense peace and satisfaction that any level of shouting or fighting won’t give you.*
Let the waves of happiness and positivity pull you out of the pit of ego. Let the crabs and ants stay away from you. Let your feet be kissed by the happy waves and your soul be cleansed.

* sometimes you need to raise the decibel of your voice when it is inevitable 😉1532961309469

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  1. Very deep, insightful and honest writing. Its sometime really tough to detach yourself from ego, some decisions of life remain un-executated due to the conflict with ego.

  2. Thank you so much for appreciating my effort

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