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For a family to run smoothly, income is needed. The one who who earns it would be considered the superior and hence eons old suppression for women, for men have been the income earners. Now the things have changed. Women too have started earning and hence the balance has changed. Now it is no longer a blasphemy for a husband to help his wife with household chores.

Despite the changing circumstance since women started working, somehow the prejudice of the society towards housewives or the newly celebrated homemakers has not changed much. Still they get to hear the “you are simply sitting at home” comments. However they try to get the due respect, the reaction remains the same.

The life of homemakers too have changed lately. In an era of digital explosion, we can do several activities and earn an income by simply sitting at home. First you have to recognize your passion. Once you know what you love the most, see what you can do so that what you like could be converted to what you earn from. Once you start working on what you like and get some income from it, you life will change magically because the satisfaction of doing something will start sinking in. The feeling is inexplicable.

When I started my blogs, everyone was apprehensive. I got a lot of comments in the line of ‘spending the time poking in the phone’. Four years down the line, I am being respected for what I do. Yes, still I get comments from some folks who think that I do what I do as I don’t have much job to do at home. Looking after three kinds under 8 is not a job as per the working standards. Likewise you will also be subjected to several belittling comments. Its upto you as to what you would like to concentrate on? Your sanity or others’ insecurity. If you go for gardening, baking, art and craft or any such activities, initially it will be counted only as waste of time initially. But don’t lose heart. Victory is for the ones with determination. Be determined not to be a victim of any negativity and be determined to prove your mettle. Once you conquer it, you will have the answer to the question. Life is not all about making money but once you start earning you will have a strange satisfaction. The happiness you were looking for will come to you naturally and you will start viewing the world in a different eye.

Let it be a revolution. Sit at home mom is no longer a mere cook and cleaner, they can be income earners too.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. Last three years of being a stay-at-home have taught me a grave lesson. That we ought to respect domesticity as equivalent to income generation. Domesticity is that axil on which the vehicle of income generation rests. It is never seen but without it nothing is possible.

  2. True. I wonder why women look down upon homemakers when they themselves know the importance of it

  3. I can totally resonate with you , unfortunately today we hear such things more from fellow women than men. We need to value and respect each other’s position

    1. True. One of my friends is a gazetted officer but need to travel 3 and half hours in train finger Office. I said 3 and half hours, do read plenty of books. Then she said “You can read as Ur jobless but I get a lot of calls” I felt like someone slapped me

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