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A lot have been written about Menstruation, PMS, Hygiene, Pain etc. But a generally ignored topic is the stains post menstruation. Towards the end of the periods we might not have much bleeding just the staining would be there. For many, wasting a costly sanitary napkin for practically no bleeding would be waste of money. Having a dry undergarment is any woman’s dream. After peeing, there would be a drop or two of urine in the undergarments which on a long use, will be a tacky and stinky ride. These days the malls have tissue papers but availing toilet papers is still a distant dream if we take our country as a whole. Vaginal Discharge is yet another headache. The odour and how it looks in your panty, is a repugnant experience. Hence we need to do whatsoever is needed to remain hygienic and dry.

Everteen- A complete intimate health and hygiene expert brings to you Panty Liners to solve this issue. Panty Liners are not something unknown but what makes Everteen Panty Liners stand out? Lets See!

Claim from the company follows

Everyday protection from light discharge, urine leakage & unexpected periods

100% natural cotton surface for instant dry and soft feel

Anti-bacterial negative ion strip helps prevent bacterial multiplication & eliminates bad odour

Ultra-thin and extra absorbent liners for everyday freshness

Breathable layers help keep moisture away

My Review

Cotton Lining

The natural cotton lining on the top helps to avoid irritation and rashes. I am allergic to most sanitary napkins and hence was weary of using this one especially since it is summer in Kerala. But no irritation was there and rashes were nil. It is quite breathable.

If you have a normal vaginal discharge, it will be absorbed. If you have heavy vaginal discharge, it would not be absorbed but then you have to consult a doctor anyways.


Unlike other panty liner packets where the liners are stuffed together, this one has the liners with individual packing and hence more hygienic, easy to store and travel friendly.


A packet contains 36 liners for a price of Rs.199.

Now it’s available on sale for a price of RS.180.

Click below to get it

I highly recommend this to one and all women.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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