Happiness is your right

1554727777352We all need to be happy. What all we long for, be it love, money, peace of mind, kids, family, food, shelter, clothing, or anything we need, we need them so that we could be happy. The ultimate aim to satisfy yourself so that you could be happy. But quite often we get to meet people and circumstances that are detrimental to our happiness and there we go. Down to the pit of unhappiness and we say that we are depressed. Seriously! Depression is a psychological condition. It is not what we feel when we are sad and disappointed. So first you have to stop saying that I am depressed. That’s for those unfortunate souls who feel sad without any reason and cannot help it.


The lack of enthusiasm you feel due to certain circumstances is not depression. This is momentary and circumstance driven. The moment your realise it, the first step to your happiness mission starts. Now the step 2. It is not identifying the problem. It is identifying what part of the problem is affecting you and how it is affecting you.

For instance: The common scenario is with toxic personalities. Some people do everything to deprive you of your peace of mind and manage to dump the responsibilities on you. You keep on wondering why after doing all this to me, they try to paint me as the culprit. You all might have come across such folks. Similarly there could many situations where you think why me?

Instead of thinking why me, ask what next? Tell yourself that come what may, I will not let this affect my happiness. Be rest assured that whatever happens now will become a blessing in disguise in future. We may call this God’s grace or cosmic law but it is the unequivocal reality. The moment you train your mind to believe this and give yourself the power to wait, you can be the happiest person alive in this world.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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