Kitchen masters

Women are created such that they can take care of kids naturally. The years old argument which is a trap that confine women to home. Now-a-days there are many men who take care of kids when their wives are away. Likewise another trap of words would be ‘Women are meant to cook’. The myth is busted by the chefs in cafes. If cooking is a woman’s job, then why are men hired in restaurants and cafes. So this argument no longer work in the current scenario.

All these preset notions that women should do so and so work sprouts from the upbringing in the family where boys are treated like princes whose parents are orderlies. The moment this discrimination stops inside the homes, the prejudice leaves the society for good.

Train your boys to keep their plates in the sink, and later once they grow up make them wash their dishes. Thus stops the practice of men not washing their plates. Once they start doing this they will grow up as responsible human beings and eventually tells their sons to do the same.

While we think of making the girl child learn the household chores, we omit the boys from these. Why? Let them also do the chores, Make the kids share the work. In houses with numerous maids also we can make our kids do their part and let them understand the importance of being independent and equal.

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