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Increased screen time in kids has become the reason for mothers’ sleepless nights. During and after the pandemic the kids are using online learning resources more than before. It has also pulled our kids into a whirlpool of addictive virtual reality. While family time and reading time take a back seat, internet safety for kids has slithered into the minds of mothers, occupying their thoughts. There is a dilemma of not being able to monitor kids enough and at the same time, not wanting to be a prying mother when it comes to internet usage and screen time. That’s when Happinetz became the 2 a.m. friend to the mother who can share this humongous burden of guilt and helplessness.

Internet Safety For Kids

No two kids are the same. While my sons love to play Roblox, my daughter likes K dramas. On one hand, the thought of whether they meet strangers through interactive games gnawed in my mind. On the other hand, the worry about whether the series my daughter was watching was age-appropriate was overwhelming me. I wanted to have a check on all these without pressuring them or invading their privacy. So, I didn’t want to go about blocking all browsers, on all devices. I wanted some space where I could monitor them in one place.

While I was thinking about a solution for my never-ending worry, I got hold of  Happinetz, which provides safe internet for kids and helps with screen time management. It was a huge relief. 

Stress-free monitoring

Being a Happinetz parent, I feel empowered to get a solution that’s easy. The installation process is very simple. All you have to do is connect your Happinetz Box to your home router, download the app on your phone, and add the devices that your children use. You can set screen time schedules as per your child’s age and need.  

Additionally, the content the children can now access is age-appropriate and secure. After I installed Happinetz my kids could open only age-appropriate games on any device. By default, they are not able to open certain inappropriate apps that they tried earlier. I can also check the Insights of their internet usage at my convenience without the conflict of telling kids what to use and what not to.

As my kids have ADHD, controlling their screen time was much needed because as their doctor told me, screen time and hyperactivity are directly related. The first step of the ADHD therapy, their doctor said, is to keep a check on their screen time. This is because the fast movement on the screen would force their brain to run faster. With Happinetz, I am able to enforce screen time rules with ease and without any arguments.

Easy Management

With Happinetz, the advantage is that I don’t have to log into each device to check what they are accessing. I am able to check Insights for up to 10 devices in the household through one parent app. With this, Happinetz has created a new benchmark for internet safety for kids.

What touched me is that it is designed from a parent’s point of view. They know what we need and provide it in a single place. There’s only one app installed on the parent phone and nothing is installed on your child’s devices. They just need to be connected to Happinetz WiFi.

Internet safety for kids across devices

As I said before, my kids have different likes and dislikes. With Happinetz I could ensure internet safety for kids with ease as it is applicable to all browsers, devices, and even TV. This was the most promising surprise for me because, with the onset of smart TV, it’s difficult for parents to check what children are watching. But with Happinetz, I can be stress-free about what they’re watching.

No more unsafe content 

Every day, new social media platforms, unsecured websites, and apps are sprouting. I am not even aware of many of them but my kids are so curious that they want to see and feel everything new. However, so much of this content can be age-inappropriate and unsafe.  With Happiness, I don’t need to worry at all. More than 110 million websites and apps are being monitored and tracked as per the system and more than 22 million adult and unsecured websites and apps are blocked by default by Happinetz.

Multi-level filtering technology

We cannot take our kids out of the world of the internet in the name of internet safety for kids. They need to explore, do assignments, and independently handle their tasks with the help of the Internet. It is unfair to say that using the internet is bad for our kids. With Happinetz we can let our kids explore the world of knowledge without even accidentally stumbling upon inappropriate content. With multi-level filtering technology, Happinetz has ensured that all popular and well-known methods of bypassing the system have been taken care of.


While using any app, infringement of privacy has been my highest point of worry. But  Happinetz doesn’t collect any personal data on kid’s devices. This is the most important highlight if you ask me.

No judgement

While the thin line between gentle parenting and unmonitored parenting has started to blur and social media talks about excessive parental control,  I was worried about being judged. But with Happinetz I feel supported in my journey to provide internet safety to my kids.


Ease of use

The only thing to get internet safety for kids is to install Happinetz and download the app. Once the app is set in your phone, the rest is sorted.

With exhaustive filtering, a customizable internet schedule, and insights that enable the parent to check which websites their child used and for how long, Happinetz has transformed into my go-to friend and therapist who has the solution for the root cause of the problem.

I have been trying to enforce a routine to keep my kids’ hyperactive brains on track but to make them turn off the devices after coming back from school was a stress inducer for me. But since the devices have turned off as per the schedule now, this chaos is also sorted. Now that I can schedule their screen time they have ample time to play with each other, read books, and connect with nature.

A small gift from me

Now that you know the ins and outs of the benefits of Happinetz, I’m sure you can’t wait to ensure internet safety for kids. While you are at it, you get a special discount by clicking here. Get your Happinetz Box and say bye-bye to your worries because they have got you covered with their Safe Internet for Kids

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