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To tell someone to forget the past, to move on and concentrate on yourself is easy but on a practical ground, it is equally tough. It seems impossible at some point and all you would care about is how it is going to affect your image, future and character at large. The first thought in your mind would be that your enemy would be happy to hear your bad news. In short, your thoughts are clouded by someone else’s happiness rather than your own sadness.

To keep your thoughts away from all these, you need to get yourself engaged. No, you are wrong. I didn’t mean hobby. I meant passion. We watch movies, listen to music, read books etc. These are all our shortcuts out of the trauma but seldom do we realise that after the first 9 or 10 minutes your mind would disconnect from your body and starts going back to the epicenter of problems. After a while only we would realize that we have not been successful in this diversion. This is because all these hobbies mentioned are for the entertainment of the senses but whay we apparently need is not entertainment but the truth is that we need to engage our brain and start doing that which make use of the brain and we would be busy with it. It is the best therapy for us.

Recognising your passion is important. That which interests one might not be interesting for other. That which doesn’t seem interesting might indeed be your hidden passion. For instance, I have never counted cooking interesting. I have always been all about books. But at some circumstances I had to wear the chef’s cap. A few cuisine experiments and I realised that I love cooking. Since then, whenever I feel dejected, I cook. The best therapy for me.

Try doing everything possible and see what gives you real happiness and complete satisfaction. Thus excavate your passion and nurture it so that it will keep your brain busy and you no longer have time for processing negativity.

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