Single Mother

She looked at the kid
With a cold face
A child who reminds her of her haze
A child whom she pretentiously hated
A child who was the part of her body for months
A child whom she bred with her blood

Sucking her breast voraciously
Quenching thirst and hunger
Holding her pearl necklace,
With its tender hands

The symbol of her immaculate trust
Was a symbol of dissolute life for the world
A mistake for which both are to be blamed,
Why do women bear the taunts?
Only because she conceive the child? ? ? ! ! !

The child withdrew his mouth
And looked at her with a contented smile
She kissed his tender face
Tears running from her eyes

She smiled at him and said
‘You are my son, my life, my aim
Let the world cry down me
Let the world spit on me
I am your mother
I wont leave u my child, I wont ‘

Rakhi Jayashankar

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