Young Souls, Wakeup

In a contemplative mood
My mind flew
To some unknown strata of cerebral hemisphere
Tapping the brains
Trying to peel off the hidden layers
A new picture divulged

A soul sublimed in insanity of the fumes inhaled
Defining a new realm of motion
In the dreadful thump
Devils dancing in the hell
Celebrating the victory
‘ Yes! ! ! ! One more life
Searching for rapturous delight
Came to the web
We waited for so long
interlacing the folk
For the puerile teens
Like a spider weaving the web and waiting for the prey’

Yet another victory for the satanic powers
Why u fools lay your heads, comply your life
To the disaster for nothing but momentary pleasure

Disgusted with the recurring follies
I pray to the youth
Wake up! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
To see the truth
To perceive the danger
To procure the freedom
Act for your future
Wake up
Wake up

Rakhi Jayashankar

About Rakhi Jayashankar

Blogger, Holistic Wellness Coach, Social Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Healer


  1. A really well-written poem with such an important message of not letting momentary pleasure screw with your entire life.

    1. Thanks a lot. Happy to know that you liked it. I wrote the poem when I was 18

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