Why should I cover my face
Why should I be called after my birthplace
Why should I retreat to a shell? ?

If my rapists can move around
If my attackers are free
Why should I be deprived of a normal life

I request you media
Don’t blur my face
Don’t hide my identity
I’m not a mere rape victim
I’m an individual
I’m a girl
I have a name
A family

Some worms crept through my body
I applied wormicides
As simple as that
Then what’s the friggin fuss about

Don’t hang them; Don’t give them life sentence
Prison is a haven for them
Penectomize them and leave them free
Let them have the libido but nothing to quench it
Let them feel the pain there without the pleasure

Rakhi Jayashankar

About Rakhi Jayashankar

Blogger, Holistic Wellness Coach, Social Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Healer

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