My heart is full of flowers and your sweet memories
I deeply wish you might be waiting for me
Days become years when I miss you
You left me solemnly
Oh! My Dear! !
The monotony of solitude is dreadful my sweet heart
Come, come, come and make me soar up
That day u came to save me from my seclusion
You looked like a Prince
You talked like a babe
You saw my soul you touched it
You healed my wounds
But now,

You are my sorrow, you are my tears
You put me in the pit of sorrows
In this light of spring, I’m in darkness
In this brightness of colors I am alone
In this ecstasy of spring I’m weeping

The flowers dancing in the breeze
They keep the nectar for bees
I keep my love for you
Looking up to rejoice, sing and dance
but how,
Without my love
Heart full of pain
Aching in the shadows of memories
I remain
For you

Rakhi Jayashankar

About Rakhi Jayashankar

Blogger, Holistic Wellness Coach, Social Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Healer

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