Menstural Cup- The Rage In Female Intimate Hygeine

Periods have always been a time of terror for women. However we sugarcoat the situation through Sanitary Napkin ads the situation is always tacky.

I have been hearing about the Menstrual Cup for quite some time. But inserting a foreign object inside the vagina scared me to no ends and hence I have always stayed away from it. When I got this everteen Menstrual Cup for review, I was apprehensive but must say that it was the best decision to try it out.

Company Claims

  • Reusable for as long as 10 years
  • Leak free protection for up to 12 hours
  • No menstrual odour, dryness, discomfort, itching or rashes
  • Lesser need to remove and reinsert compared to changing sanitary pads
  • Lesser cramps due to the suction created by the seal of the everteen® Menstrual Cup
  • No risk of flooding or period disasters due to sneezing
  • Freedom to pursue sports and other outdoor activities such as swimming, dancing, gymming, yoga. 


The silicone cup is packed inside a sturdy cardboard box for the ease of storage.

It also has a beautiful pouch for the ease of carrying it along. Just keep it inside the pouch and drop it in your bag for the travel purpose.

The cup

The cup is made of silicone. From the look of it, it is indeed a good quality one. It doesn’t have any odour. It is manageable and flexible.

It slides smoothly inside and hence easy to insert. It is painless too. Just fold it like shown in the picture. Squat down and holding it like that in the picture at the end of the base slowly insert it. It glides up smoothly. As per the instructions in the leaflet with the product we can know if it’s placed correctly by a popping sound. But there isn’t any popping sound as such. If listened carefully, mild voice is heard, nonetheless, we can be rest assured even without the noise. The cup will stay in place with the suction power.

Now for removing, it need a bit of practice. You should take care not to pull it out with the stem because it would be painful. The stem is only to get hold of the base and mildly press it to remove the vaccum and the pull it out.


You can be rest assured about the Hygeine part. Just make sure to use a good quality intimate wash each time and once your periods are over, you can sterilize and keep it.


The product is 💯 leak-proof. I kept a panty liner while using for the first time but it was clear. Just monitor your blood flow for a few days so that you can have an idea about how long you can keep it. For me, I used it for 6 hours and then I used it overnight. There was no leakage at all.


I have already written about periods being an experience of body odour but trust me this product is the solution for it. There is no odour at all. I don’t have to be ashamed or concerned anymore about it.

Only concern I have is about cleaning while travelling. For long distance travelling if we don’t get a toilet where we can wash off the product, it could be difficult. But this applies to only the ones who have unnaturally heavy flow for it could be used for as long as 12 hours.


I need to use to for a few months to authenticate the claim about curing the cramps. It didn’t cure the cramps but alleviated the pain but I am not sure if it was indeed due to the Menstrual Cup. I will try it out for a few months and update on this.

On the whole the product is worth the price and I highly recommend it. I was scared initially but now I swear by it. We spent thousands on Sanitary Napkins but this product could be used for years. In comparison it is the most cost effective method. It doesn’t give you any allergy and hence I can be free of rashes post the periods. Above all it helps in reducing the napkin waste considerably. You don’t have to go around searching for places to discard the pad. Especially when visiting your relatives or friends.
You  can buy the product from their website. Link follows

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  1. I am so willing to move to menstrual cups… Right now on to my research .. hopefully soon I will also join the club

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