Curlvana Curl Defining Styling Gel 2

Curlvana Curl Defining Styling Gel – Tame Your Locks

A good styling gel is a must-have if you love to flaunt your beautiful curls.  I recently got my hands on Curlvana Curl Defining Styling Gel and here is my detailed review.

Curlvana Curl Defining Styling Gel 2

My Take on Curlvana’s Curl Defining Styling Gel 

I often struggle with my curls and employ a lot of hair care products from the market to make them look defined and frizz-free. But that rarely happens because all the hair care products contain a lot of chemicals, which take away all the moisture from my scalp leading to frizzy curls and dry scalp. Eventually, I found Curlvana’s hair care range which is India’s first glycerin-free hair care range with no toxic chemicals. Curlvana products are the absolute best for frizz-free, bouncy, and distinguished curls. 

The Curly Girl Method (CGM)

The Curly Girl method was formulated by a curly-haired beauty, Lorraine Massey. She tried all the hair care tricks and later she concurrently put all her suggestions together to develop the curly-girl method.

The Curly Girl Method is exceptionally easy to get the perfect curls you ever wanted. It includes using a mild shampoo that is free from sulfates, a silicone-free conditioner, a Leave-in Cream, and a gel for the coils to dwell jointly. Together, when all the products are carried out, you get the precise curls you constantly dreamt of.

The Curlvana Curl Defining Styling Gel is a must-have product if you want defined curls. I have frizzy, curly hair and it becomes even drier, and dull post hair wash. I always wished for a curl styling gel to put together my curls perfectly and to make them stay intact. Finally, I found a remarkable curls gel to use that is the Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel from the Curlvana range of products.

Curlvana Curl Defining Styling Gel 2

Why do I prefer the Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel?

Curly hair gel is a good investment. The Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel is compact, lightweight, and can be applied to the hair evenly with no build-up on the scalp. The Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel has a soft, silky-smooth density. It detangles my coils, makes them frizz-free,

The Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel does not have glycerine. Glycerine is the main ingredient that takes away all the moisture from the scalp and causes the curls to be frizzy and dry. Since the Curlvana products don’t possess glycerine, it provides ultra moisturization to my curls, offering a bouncy look all the time. A hair gel for curly hair helps to manage and style the curls.

Final Note

As you can check the above Curlvana defining styling gel review, this styling gel has no chemicals added to it. The styling gel is formulated without any form of parabens, sulphates, silicones, and glycerine. It has ingredients such as flax seeds, mint EO, geranium EO, and hyaluronic acid to soften the hair and keep them manageable in all weather conditions. The flaxseed gel for curly hair works as a superfood and helps to easily style the curls.

I use the Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo which is very mild and does not contain harsh chemicals. Then I apply Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner to make the curls soft and free from frizz. To set my coils I use the Curlvana Curl-Defining Styling Gel on my hair; it makes them soft and defined. I can now flaunt my tresses without worrying about the dryness even after a few days of hair wash.  

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  1. This brand is so much talked about and I loved the honest review, my sister is having curly hair, will share the details with her.

  2. That’s wonderful to know, this range of Curlvana is definitely doing great and I am happy it suited you as well. I have low porosity hair and not all products suits my hair shaft, but this looks promising.

    1. I’ve been using the full range for almost one month and am quite impressed with my soft, shiny and frizz free hair strands. Yes, the styling gel is really a great product for curly and wavy hair.

  3. Yes curlvana is a great brand of amazing hair products. I have also reviewed their products few months ago. I really like the fact that this stylish gel is formulated without any form of parabens, sulphates, silicones, and glycerine

  4. my sis has curls and she really struggles with them I will sure share about these with as I am hearing good reviews about this

  5. That’s wonderful to know about this range of Curlvana. This is such a wonderful and unique range of products, especially for curly hair. I’m impressed with the beautiful packaging and loved your review.

  6. I have this range and i am loving the products. These suit my hair type so well and hold the girls for longer duration.

  7. I had recently learned about the brand curlvana, while searching for some options for a friend’s birthday and your post helped me make a clear choice. thank you for this detailed post

  8. Styling gels are a boon for curly haired people since they help tame the locks. Curlvana has great products that are sure going to make their life easy.

  9. My hair isn’t that curly but I can feel the pain for those who love their curly hair but can’t seem to manage it. This product is very helpful for those who would love to flaunt their beautiful locks!

  10. I am hearing a lot about this product. My hair is too wavy; I hope this will work on me, also. I will surely try it whenever I get my hand at this product.

  11. Been hearing a lot about this haircare brand. Definitely happy to know a brand specifically Aimed at curly hair care.

  12. With dedicated range for curly hair, this is really a good news. I really liked the leave in conditioner.

  13. The brand looks amazing. I have never tried their products but the qualities you have mentioned are encouraging me to try their products. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow, this looks like an interesting product for curly hair. I really like their packaging looks quirky and colorful.

  15. My sister has curly hair and always tried to straighten it out
    I will definitely buy these for her
    I am very g good reviews about these

  16. Hope this is as good as it sounds as I have permed hair and the last time I tried Arata gel for curls I ended up losing them in bunches. Shall give this a try. Do they give out samples oo?

  17. This range of Curlvana is definitely great and I am happy it suited me. Thanks for sharing this

  18. Thanks for sharing this product. Being a curly hair girl, it is very difficult to manage these products.

  19. I have wavy hair but always like to get it curled. My curls wont last more than 4-5 hours so this will definitely help me to keep them for long time. Thanks alot for sharing ❤️

  20. That’s great news, Curlvana is clearly doing very well. The brand is very popular and I appreciated your honest review. I have curly hair myself, so I’ll definitely be checking out these products soon. Thanks for the recommendation!

  21. My hair has turned wavy from straight due to bad water. I can understand how much care people with curly hair might need. These look like promising products for the curly manes.

  22. I already used this product and I can tell how effective it is for curly hair as I am having super curly hair and it helped me manage it quite well.

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