Oral wellness

Oral Wellness from Daybreak – Simple Products Lasting Results

A beautiful smile and good breath will emanate positivity in others. We have seen multiple ads of having charcoal and active salt in the toothpaste but seldom do prod on the authenticity of the claim and necessity of the products. Daybreak has come forward to break the false notions about the prerequisites of toothpaste. With the best botanicals invested, they ensure oral wellness with the right ingredients. Because self-care is the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

Oral wellness

Oral Wellness At Day Break

At Daybreak, as the name suggests, is a brand that ensures your wellness at Daybreak with products that are devoid of harmful chemicals. They have a range of products from battery-operated toothbrushes to teeth whitening strips. The ingredients they used in their products are carefully selected after extensive research to ensure that they are all harmless.

Buzz Electric Toothbrush with Travel case

Oral wellness - Electric toothbrush

To monitor the brushing time and to ensure that the brush reaches everywhere. Buzz electric toothpaste has a timer that ensures you brush for 2 minutes. In addition, it displaces the plaques that are otherwise difficult to remove. It has 150 days of battery life and also a complimentary brush head. You can use AAA batteries which are replaceable. In addition, they provide a 1-year warranty too. Brushing has become a calming experience since I started using this brush as it feels like we ate getting a nice soothing gum massage.

Restore Rinse – Mouth Wash

oral wellness -  MOUTH WASH

While using mouthwash, more often than not, we end up burning our mouth due to the intense chemicals and they leave behind a strong aftertaste. But Restore Rinse mouthwash by Daybreak is a mild formula with a mint flavor. Multi-mineral infused into the mouthwash helps in enamel restoration. Zinx lactate along with mint ensures fresh breath elimination of bad breath due to conditions like Halitosis and Gingivitis. It is devoid of alcohol and chlorhexidine which are the primary causes of the pungent, smell and taste. The mouthwash contains Magnesium which enables calcium absorption thereby ensuring good health of your teeth.

Brighten toothpaste

Oral wellness - Toothpaste

We look for fluoride-free toothpaste for kids and end up using the most advertised one for our teeth. Some toothpastes are so strong that they can be used to clean kitchen sinks and toilet seats. But Daybreak knows that healthy enamel is important for the oral health of kids and adults alike. Hence they have come up with brighten toothpaste. It is free of SLS and Paraben. It fights plaque and bad breath. It also has a gentle foaming formula with fruit enzymes that makes the teeth white and radiant.

If you ensure the hygiene of your teeth, tongue, and mouth, oral wellness will ensure a good day to start with. With the products from Daybreak, you can rest assured of your Oral wellness because they have you covered with every aspect of oral wellness.

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  1. This post was quite educative about how to take better care of oral hygiene, I especially liked this restore mouthwash that has a milder aftertaste and the fluoride and SLS-free toothpaste. This sonic toothbrush with a timer is very useful for the kids too when they are sleepy heads and zoned out.

  2. Sonic Toothbrush with timer is what I need for my son and sure is very useful for all the kids who are too eager to finish the task and rush out of the washroom. It is very important to keep the oral hygiene and like the mouthwash part which is mild and not harsh like most of the mouthwashes we get in the stores.

    1. This one is really good. You can try it without any doubt

  3. I couldn’t agree more with the importance of oral wellness! A beautiful smile truly radiates positivity. 🌟It’s so important to find products that promote oral wellness without all those harsh chemicals. Daybreak’s approach really caught my attention! The Buzz Electric Toothbrush sounds like a dream with its timer and plaque-displacing feature – a combo I’m eager to try for a more effective brushing routine. Kudos to Daybreak for taking a stand against overpowering toothpaste products loaded with chemicals! 🙌

  4. My oral health is very bad Rakhi and my teeth has all sorts of problems. Your post was very inormative. I didn’t even know that this brand existed. If not anything the kids’ toothpaste n the mouth freshener is something I’d like to buy cuz like uv mentioned, the regular ones are too harsh on the mouth n I hate the after taste.

  5. I would certainly like to try the mouthwash and the toothpaste. It’s very difficult to get rid of plaque without a dentist’s help. But I am not comfortable with the sonic brush, never tried it.

  6. This post is informative. I have lots of teeth problem and apart from brushing I don’t do anything. I would like to try toothpaste and mouthwash. It is really important to take care of our oral health. I am also teaching my kids too. But I guess when I will start they will follow.

  7. I have seen ads on beauty products jewelry n stuff however dental hygiene something never seen as a promo. This does sound very interesting after going tru ur review.

  8. Oh rakhi this electric toothbrush is definitely something I will love to pick as I really need to alert myself if I am actually brushing the teeth for the bare minimum period as these days I need to do 2-3 things together while brushing and sometimes endup being too fast with the brushing process. This brand is pretty new for me but when the recommendation is from you I will definitely wish to give it a try. Thanks for the informative post.

  9. Thank you for this post. Are the toothpaste for little kids alone? can adults and teenage kids use them?

    1. Yes Adults can use it too. In fact my husband is using this one because he loved it so much.

  10. Your detailed descriptions of Daybreak’s products showcase their commitment to natural, effective oral care. Your insights provide a refreshing perspective on achieving a healthy smile and fresh breath. I will check them out!

  11. I have borrowed teeth but this looks like a great set of products. I will try out the Restore Rinse mouthwash. Thank you for sharing a detailed review.

  12. Yesterday I went to the dentist for a tooth extraction. I know how importance it is to take care our oral part. I would love to check these bundle as the tooth brush, paste and mouth wash look promising. Do you have any online link from where I can purchase these?

  13. buzz brand of electronic brush and the product bundle seem to be an attractive pick to start the day refreshingly.

  14. Oral health is directly related to heart health and hence so crucial! I am so scared of infective endocarditis and make sure to take care of oral wellness.

  15. Oral wellness is extremely important as it affects heart health too. I haven’t really warmed up to electric toothbrushes. Prefer the good old regular ones.

  16. I so wanted to switch the old traditional toothbrush to this for my kids. but was stuck about which one to pick. and your post has made it clear who leads the game. thanks for the recommendation

  17. I suffered so much due to my cavity and wisdom teeth issue and I cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain good oral hygiene

  18. I have these fears related to dental problems but the sonic toothbrush sounds good and so is the mouthwash if it is mild as I am allergic to strong spells. I have never tried an electric one as I am scared they may sting my teeth.

  19. This post taught me a lot about keeping my mouth clean and healthy. I really liked the restore mouthwash because it doesn’t leave a strong taste, and the toothpaste without fluoride and SLS is great. The sonic toothbrush with a timer is also really handy for kids when they’re not fully awake.

  20. Not sure if this is a new product or if it just isn’t available in this part of the world I live in. Nonetheless, having a great product to protect and care “rightly” for our oral hygiene is at most important.

  21. Thanks for sharing Rakhi. I wasn’t familiar with this brand but it’s products look good.

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