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I had mentioned in my FB and Twitter that I will be starting a few series in Scrutiny. There have been a gap in my performance due to several reasons. Hopefully I will be able to pursue the series without any flaw. So here we go with the announcement of the first series WELLNESS WEDNESDAY. The series is all about healthcare and skin care.

Here we start with the first post in the series WELLNESS WEDNESDAY. As you all know I have a combination skin or precisely normal to combination skin. To take care of a combination skin is a tricky business as your face behaves like that of two different individuals. The combination skin itself has different combinations like dry to combination, combination to oily etc. I am sharing a few tried and tested steps that have worked wonders in my skin.


It is a misconception that applying oil on your face will create breakouts. This could be true for extremely oily skin, but otherwise oil cleansing is the best way to prevent breakouts. Oil cleansing coulf prefereably be included in your night routine. This deeply cleanses your open pores and keeps the skin smooth and finished. All you have to do is to take a pump or two of the oil, apply it all over the face and gently massage into the face with your finger tips. Make sure not to apply more pressure. After the oil is completely into the skin, oash it off with a mild cleanser. This cleans your skin from deep within and creates a smooth base to the face. This method can also be used as an alternative for make up removers as it helps in removing even waterproof makeup.


Cleansing , toning and moisturising has been the widely accepted mantra of skin care. Every beauty Guru recommends it highly. I am also under the category that CTM is important for skin care but for combination skin, toning could be skipped. Regular use of toner has proved to be detrimental to my skin. If it’s pure rose water, well and good. A good water based moisturiser is the best for combinations skin. But, it is not recommended to use the moisturer on a daily basis especially during night. Once or twice a week let your skin breathe and skin the moisturising part. I repeat, this has helped me in improving my skin but if could not be the same for everyone. You can try these for a fortnight and see if it works for you.


I don’t know how far this is technically true because all beauty blogger, make up artists and beauty gurus strictly recomment using conditioner after shampooing but for me mixing the shampoo with conditioner has helped a lot. While applying the shampoo add a drop or two of conditioner ie. very tiny amount to it so that the cleansing property of the shampoo is not affected. Shampoo thoroughly and wash it off completely. This could be followed by a conditioner or not. It’s all upto you. My hair has improved a lot since I started this style of application.


I will doing a whole post on this topic later. For now I will beirfly put forward a few points to you. Bleaching and other chemical treaments and also creams like anti ageing creams give you an unprecedented glow. But little do we know that the effect is short lived and eventually we will end up damaging the skin for good. Hence it is advisable to avoid these creams and use the creams that don’t have harmful chemicals and alcohol.


There are women who feel incomplete and unhygeinic if they could not go to a parlour and do a good facial. But contary to what we he been conditioned, the rigorous massaging on a monthly basis could have a detrimental effect on your skin. The funny thing is that every 3-4 years, the idea of different steps of facial changes and the opinions of one section of beauticians would be different from another section. Hence it is advisable and safe to do it at home. Use a good scrub, followed by pressing a warm towel on your face, followed by black head removal, and applying a chemical free face pack. A detailed post on the same will be posted soon.


Right after waking up in the morning, drink stomach full of water at room temperature. Warm water is also good but somehow, water at room tempreature has helped me a lot. I drink to stomachfull that I feel full and later it works out as a detox without adding anything. Along with this drink 2-3 litres of water. There is nothing like drinking plenty of water that helps your skin

7. Sleep exercise and food

A healthy routine that which contributes to not only healthy skin but a healthy mind and body as well. Good sleep doesn’t mean that you should sleep for 10-12 hours. A good 7-8 hours sleep will suffice. The quality of the food we eat is the most important. Even if in small quantity, the food you consume must be healthy, balanced and nutritious. By exercise it doesn’t mean that we should lift hudreds of weights and workout in gyms. Any exercise that you like could be fine like aerobics, zumba, yoga, any form of dance etc. I personally recommend Yoga because it eases your mind along with your body and brings forth holistic development in our body.

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