The Zest for life?

Suicide of students due to whatsoever reasons has been hot topic for social media, politicians and students themselves. Their pain and emotional trauma is objectified to a point where their photographs are hung at every nook and corner and discussions, debates and war cries to punish the culprits take place in areas pragmatically unaffected. A hero takes birth. Yes, their traumatic experience which led to a depression is perspicuous. Steps need to be taken to punish those who turned a blind eye on these students’ grievances but what will we gain if we glorify their act as a heroism. Notwithstanding the reality that the issues faced by them are grave. They were subjected to blatant partisanship but we are living in a land of heroes who fought till their last breath.

I can relate to them fully since I has been there once but life taught me a lesson to fight it or leave it. When I look back, I used to wonder what would  have been if I had given up on my life. My wonderful husband , my three precious kids, all wouldn’t have come to my life if I had ended it.  Instead of mulling over about the past let’s think about the future.

Our kids are trained to think that suicide is heroism or for all failures suicide is an easy way out through the entertainment media; Let it be Movies, daily Sops, books or whatever media. The society tends to banish people who are involved in any scandal which forces them to assort to extreme measures. Our society is so image conscious that humanity and human values take the backseat.

A child who has not heard ‘No’ during his childhood will not be prepared to face rejection on growing up. Why do we mollycoddle our kids so much that they end up being delicate darlings. I wouldn’t say that I’m a perfect parent but among so many imperfections, I would not want to bring up my kids as so delicate that they give up on their life.

Instead of creating hartals that stagnate out life, conduct awareness programs. Instead of glorifying suicide as heroism, tell the kids that they were brilliant, had they fought a little more they would have been with us. Where does the word suicide come to our kid’s mind?

A lion would not think of committing suicide if it could not defeat a prey. It fights , fights and fights till it succeeds. If solution to failure or ailments is suicide Stephen Hawkins would not have been living in this world. Not all people get everything on a golden platter. Fight till you succeed and don’t give up on your life.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. This is such a beautifully honest and encouraging post. So many people need to read this. Thank you for sharing x

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