Online Games’ Advantages That You Would Be Surprised To Know

The pandemic has changed our lives in such a way that we are never prepared for the volatile changes in the scenario. The gadgets that were considered taboo for kids have started ruling their lives. Even while we try to set screentime, online classes have become rampant and it has become imperative to give a gadget to the kids for their learning purpose. As a result, they have more access to the internet and the colorful world of cyber addiction. For young kids, this entails online games. From a time when kids playing online games was considered blasphemy, we have come ti a world where they find their own games and if needed design one. Yes, technology has grown and we have to grow along. While there are several disadvantages of online games, there are some online games’ advantages that you cannot deny. If dealt with ample planning you can use them to improve your child’s learning as well.

Online games advantages

Post lockdown, I have been too tense about my kids’ screentime as they were addicted to online games and other screentime was touching the sky. Having three kids of age 10,8 and 6, my house used to echo the noises from the online games. I have been trying to get rid of this fever of theirs till I realized how I can pitch into their advantages.

Online games’ advantages

1. Reduce stress

Yes! Contrary to the belief that online games create stress, they indeed help to reduce stress. I still remember my father playing solitaire every day after coming back from the office. But now learning more about the advantages of online games I realize how stress-free he would be feeling after playing solitaire.

2. Improve your relations

While you play online games,they improve your mood as the stress levels go down. This in turn has a positive effect on your relationships. When you are in a good mood, obviously you will have a good relationship.

3. Improve concentration

I have always heard that playing online games reduces kids’ concentration. But I can tell you from my personal experience that one of the major online games’ advantages is that they improve concentration. Yes! Nonetheless, you need to be careful while choosing the right games like preschool, puzzles, quiz, etc. They give information, brain exercise, and in the process improve concentration. My son has ADHD and these selected games have contributed so much to improve his concentration.

4. Earning

You might be surprised to know that gaming can be an earning option too. Professional gamers gain an enormous amount of money by just playing games. This is something that was unthinkable for about a decade back.

5. Develop social skills

Playing games improve your capability of teamwork, communication skills, decision-making skills, and whatnot. Hence you can develop all skills that could help you in the future in different aspects of life.

Tips to improve online game safety

  • Be with your child while choosing which game to play
  • Have a preset time table to play the games
  • Make sure to include the informative games along with the entertainment ones
  • Keep the gadgets in common rooms
  • Always monitor what your child is playing
  • Have a back up account to see how the sites function
  • Educate your child about which types of games to play and which to avoid
  • Tell your child to open up if their are subjected to online bullying.
  • Be their friend and be transparent

While online games’ advantages are so much, we need to keep in mind the disadvantages too. Make sure your child is playing the right online games appropriate to his/her age. If you are an adult, find the games that are helpful to you and help in improving the skills mentioned above. I rely on when it comes to online games. Which is your favorite online game? Share it below and if you wish to share any insights into the advantages and disadvantages, join our wellness community and submit your posts on the same.

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  1. Earlier I was not in favor of online games. But when I came across an articles describing its benefits, I had a relief that if my kids ask me to play then they are getting into something addictive. 🙂 Having said that, as parents, I keep a close watch on what they are playing and for how long. has some cool games. I have explored their games.

  2. I believe when any thing has been done in limit then it provides advantages. same thing applies to online gaming. if kids play the educational games for a limited time span, they can get many benefits mentioned by you in the post.

  3. You have brought something completely new to the table ! Online games are mostly trashed for being a waste of money , affecting concentration and addictive. But if we choose games with acceptable and age appropriate content , one can learn skills, improve mental ability and probably earn from gaming.

  4. I totally agree that online games are so much stress buster, before I used to think the other way, but now I too agree that we need to be a little safe while sharing information online and can enjoy online games.

  5. These are some great advantages that you have listed down. Each innovation is great when used in moderation. I didn’t know that social skills can be improved with online games so that was informative for me.

  6. Online games are truly a stress buster and educational online games keeps children interested and at the same time beneficial too. has many options as per the age and interest to choose.

  7. I am not a great supporter of online games as it does cause addiction. But if it is age appropriate and played within a time bond than it is good as a recreation activity.

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  9. Online games are always super fun and relaxing. Ther are really a stress buster. Being a gaming fan, i m surely gonna checkout the website

  10. Such nice ideas.. you have written it so well. Love this post!

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