How To Eat Chocolate Without Gaining Weight?

Chocolate and weight gain have been forever in wedlock. While indulging in any diet, cutting down chocolate intake has been the prime step you would always take. The high sugar content in chocolate has been counted as the reason behind this taboo has been the high sugar content in chocolate. The biting reality is that the more we try to stay away, the more these black-and-white buddies entice you to spoil your forever successful diet plan. But why? Will chocolate be forever taboo? How to eat chocolate without gaining weight?

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Eat chocolate without gaining weight

However easy and feasible it sounds, satisfying your craving and keeping the scales in place can be a herculean task. Whatsoever this can be attained with careful planning and going about it in the right way. Let’s see how to eat chocolate without gaining weight.

1. Moderation

Moderation is the key to starting a healthy relationship with chocolate. Studies have proven that consuming chocolate in moderate quantities would improve your heart health. Polyphenols and catechins in chocolates help in improving your cardiovascular system. In addition, the antioxidants in chocolate improve muscular performance and reduce stress. Having said that we ought not to neglect the calorie content and possible added sugars in chocolate that could passively contribute to weight gain. A meta-analysis study on chocolate consumption and the risk of cardiovascular diseases has reached the following conclusion.

Chocolate consumption may be associated with reduced risk of CVD at <100 g/week consumption. Higher levels may negate the health benefits and induce adverse effects associated with high sugar consumption.

2. Choose the chocolates without added sugar

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As much as the health benefits of the chocolates fit the bill for being a ‘healthy food’, high sugar content and the subsequent calorie boost make it an undesirable yet undeniable food to crave for. So how to eat chocolate without gaining weight. A solution to this dilemma is to find chocolates without sugar additives. BeeTees Melt chocolate with no refined sugar and glutens is the solution to this question. They source high-quality chocolate from the farmers in Vietnam and Kerala and they handpick the beans after tasting them. Further, these will be fermented in wooden crates with plantain leaves. They use coconut, palm, muscovado, and brown sugar for sweetness. They are also free of preservatives, hydrogenated and palm oil which makes them a perfect option for guilt-free indulgence. Get your BeeTee Melt Chocolate today and start indulging without guilt.

3. Eat mindfully

Distracted and emotional eating is the primary culprit in overindulgence, be it chocolate or any other high-calorie junk food. Mindful eating is the key to opening the doors of healthy and tasty indulgence. Pay attention to your chocolate, eat moment by moment, feel the taste bit by bit. This is a form of meditation when you know your senses while eating. This way you will feel satisfied with very little, feel free of the temptation, and thus keep your calorie intake in check. Just like you select the proper food to eat during quarantine, select the right chocolate and feel it when you eat it.

4. Plan out your week

If you are planning an eat-out and expect to have desserts that contain calories, reduce your chocolate intake for the week before to balance out the extra calories. Notwithstanding the self-imposed restrictions, you can have a piece of chocolate mindfully to avoid the stress of not eating chocolate.

5. Count it as any other food

Because you grew up hearing that dieting=cut down chocolate, there is a special aura of luxury to the chocolate that is ingrained in your mind. You need to break this barricade and count chocolate as any other food that you are consuming mindfully. Think of the health benefits and carefully select your chocolate. Look at the ingredients and avoid selecting the chocolates with ingredients that you cannot even pronounce.

Next time you hear your friends or family wondering how to eat chocolate without gaining weight, turn back and send them this post. Let them also venture into healthy eating without skipping chocolate.

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  1. Such an informative post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am hearing a lot about BeeTees Melt Chocolates and luckily got a chance to collaborate with the brand. These chocolates are very good and can be a good option for weight watchers.

  3. I have tried Beetees melt chocolate and yes indulged guilt free. The dark chocolate varient was my favorite from the list.

  4. Though I haven’t tried Beetees melt chocolate yet, but hearing a lot about this. I liked that they don’t contain any artificial flavours or preservatives. This is a great option for guilt-free indulgence.

    1. Wow, this is a great option…..

  5. Mujha Bhi khila do dear such lovely Yummy Chocolates. I want to taste them and experience the taste. I eat chocolate not regularly but occassionally for sure and I love it

  6. Great one. I have seen many leaving their favorite chocolates just because they can result in weight gain. But, they fail to realise that anything in excess will result in weight gain. Will share this post with others too. Great work

  7. Great tips Rakhi. I agree it is important to choose a right option when we aim for maintaining an ideal weight. BeeTee’s melt chocolates are one of the healthiest option as they are made up of honest ingredients and free from preservatives.

  8. Been hearing a lot about this brand lately. Sugar free options and natural ingredients sure make it a healthy option. Will check this out

  9. I have tried Beetees melt chocolate and yes indulged guilt free. The dark chocolate varient was my favorite from the list.

  10. Everybody is taking about Beetees melt chocolate, would love to try. I must of the time indulge in dark chocolate as it has less calories.

  11. Having a chocolate in moderation is the key to consume it and the icing on the cake is the BeeTees Melt bars that are preservation free and sugar free which keeps our health chart intact.

  12. Great tips dear. Surely I am gone follow, as I really need to loose weight and that to chocolate is one of my weakness too. Thank you for sharing this great πŸ‘ writeup

  13. Great tips you’ve got! Truly we shouldn’t be scared of ruining our healthy diet just because we want to satisfy our sweet cravings. There’s much more we can do rather than simply restrict ourselves from being happy with what we eat.

  14. Thank you rakhi,β€οΈπŸ‘

  15. Yeah very nice pointers. I choose wisely to fill my chocolate cravings, mostly it is dark chocolate. Moderation is key for me.

  16. Hey which brand is this chocolate da, pls share me the link πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  17. I havent tried beetees melt, but definitely need to get my hands on these, chocolate being a comfort food for me, but in moderation.

  18. This is my fav one… And that too dark chocolate’s .. great tips Rakhii😍😍..

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