Why R For Rabbit Feather Diaper Is The Best Diaper In India 

The blessing of motherhood was showered on me about a decade back. From toys to dresses to bath care to diapers, we had come to preset choices that everyone used to use. Good or bad, when there are no options left, the choice is not ours. Hence we had to choose from the limited diaper options, which were the tape-style diapers. By the time I had my second child, pant diapers entered our lives as a relief. But have you seen what a diaper rash looks like? It is a nightmare! 10 years down the line, when my brother had a baby, the plethora of options seemed overwhelming but the root cause of the headache remained. That’s when we tried a different brand- R for Rabbit Feather diapers. Now, undoubtedly I can say that this is the best diaper in India. I will tell you why.

Best diaper in India

R for Rabbit 

R for Rabbit is born out of concern; Yes, the parenting concern of the founders is what urged them to form a brand that keeps child safety first. Hence their products are of topmost quality and the safest for babies. They have a wide range of products from strollers to feeding bottles. Their products are known for the quality and the effort invested in taking care of the minutest details. They are environment-friendly, safe, and convenient.

The latest addition to their list is the new R for Rabbit Feather diaper. The following qualities make it the best diaper in India and the primary choice of our family.

Best Diaper in India

1. Soft and lightweight

The diapers by R for Rabbit have a whopping 10 million pores which make them breathable, comfortable, and lightweight. There is no more chaos of kids moving around with ‘hanging’ diapers.

2. 12-hour absorption

Changing diapers has been the toughest challenge for me. This becomes even worse if you are traveling and there would not be diaper changing facilities. It is leakproof and hence no more fear of stain or any such mishaps. The diapers are subjected to absorption tests and hence we can rest assured about the dryness and comfort of our child.

3. Rash free

If you are a parent, you would know what diaper rashes look like. The pain our kids would go through is unimaginable. Diaper rash cream was my constant companion during those times. But now, with R for Rabbit to our rescue, there is no more worry about diaper rashes. The diaper is specifically designed for sensitive skin. They undergo a series of tests including dermatological and paediatric tests which ensure that they are soft on your baby’s skin, remain dry, and thus eliminate the chances of having a rash.

Best diaper in India

4. Chemical free

There are no parabens, latex, phthalates, or chlorine contents in the diaper. This makes it all the more suitable for baby skin and makes it the best diaper in India. With more awareness about the adverse effects of these chemicals, parents are always worried about which product to choose. Keeping this in mind they have designed these feather diapers for the baby.


5. Available in all sizes

The diapers are available in all sizes from XS. Being a mother of three preterm babies I still remember the pain I had to find the right diaper for kids. The smallest size available was for the babies weighing at least 2.5 KG whereas none of mine touched the 2KG mark. Of the sizes available, except XS rest are available in pant style. 

Do we need more reasons to reinforce that this is the best diaper in India? Gone are the days of worry and huge diaper bags. Because the feather diapers are compact, and portable and can fit into your vanity bag in times of emergency. Grab your diaper today itself and relieve yourself of the pain points.

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  1. R for Rabbit is one brand which I have been hearing a lot these days. And what impressed me the most is the size range and that they are chemical-free. The name itself gives a pampering feeling. 🙂

  2. R for rabbit is great brand. I loved the fact that they are lightweight but still provide great absorbency. yes, they are next generation diapers that breathes.

  3. When one hears of a rabbit , one is struck by the images of soft white fur , so I think that strategy holds good for naming the diaper brand as R for Rabbit. One wants the diaper to be soft and last a reasonable time with good absorbency, the criteria this fills.

  4. Selecting the right diaper for kids are extremely important and have to be careful as they need to be soft for babies’ skin, glad to know that this diaper is great for little ones.

  5. R FOR Rabbit is a great brand I experienced its usability and features when I tried it for my sister’s baby. Excellent product best for baby skin

  6. This is great. I didn’t know there were diapers from R For Rabbit. This seems like a great option. My kid too was troubled with diaper rash when they were young.

  7. R for Rabbit diapers seem just right for babies. They have a lot going for them. One of the biggest advantages is that they are plant-based and free from harmful chemicals, and are soft and gentle on the skin.

  8. R for Rabbit is surely setting in the parents choice with its prime factors of being natural and light. Being chemical free is very important as baby skin is too sensitive.

  9. R for Rabbit ,the name itself gives your a feel of being soft. Children have very sensitive skin and needs utmost care. So choosing the right diaper is very vital. Looks like a great product.

  10. I’ve started using these diapers can vouch for their softness. Especially the feather light weight as well. The wipes are also good.

  11. After reading so many reviews I bought this diaper for my niece, and my sis can’t stop raving about it. Indeed the diapers are extremely thin, soft, and light in weight. The best part is these diapers do not have any added scent that could be harmful to the baby’s skin.

  12. Thanks for the review. I was not aware that this brand have a diapers too. I m surely recommending these diapers to my friend, who is expecting her baby in few months

  13. Such a wonderful post. Really great review thankyou for sharing such information. Will definitely share with other mothers too.

  14. R for rabbit is a great brand and their products are also great. Thanks for sharing about their product. This will help many moms to pick the right one. Great job.

  15. R for Rabbit diapers are one of the top choices. These next-gen diapers are soft and comfy.

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