Politics in office

How To Deal With Politics In Office?

We work to make a living or quench the thirst for passion. Your passion and profession might be the same or different. Your occupation would be your choice or someone else’s pressure. But how you cope with the situation in your office is all up to you. But how to deal with the politics in office? When we talk about wellness, occupational wellness is the prime aspect that we need to deal with because that’s where you spend the major part of your life. Hence we address the first and prime aspect of wellness – occupational wellness, of which office politics is the toughest to tackle.

Politics in office

Politics in office

Office politics can have different faces and aspects. The most common aspects that we are dealing with today are listed below.

  1. Gossips
  2. Bullying
  3. Credit stealing
  4. Gaslighting
  5. Groupism

If we look at it closely, each aspect can be dealt with, if you approach with a calm and clear mind. By the end of this post, you will know how to. Follow these simple steps to stay away from politics in the office.

1. Keep your professional relations within limits

It is common for people working together to develop a good friendships. But always keep your relationships within the limits because it might not take so long for the relations to change. Hence if you are crossing the professional boundary, the possible tiff in your personal life might seep into your professional space.

2. Build positive work relations

The space where you work has an immense influence on your behavior as the vibes that you are sitting around is longer than anywhere else. Building loyalty and credibility is important to gain trust which in turn helps you in keeping the politics at bay

3. Stay away from gossip groups

In every office there would be gossip spreaders, gossip mongers and listeners. Quite often than not, the listeners become the scapegoat as the gossip mongers and spreaders are experienced in deviating the attention. Hence if you confront a gossip group, cordially yet deftly bid adieu to the vibe.

People gossiping

4. Build your confidence

Be it office or workspace, bullying is unavoidable. How you deal with the bullies and how you let them affect your confidence is important. Primarily, you must insulate yourself from gaslighting that the bullies are qualified for. They will try to break your confidence and slowly feed on your insecurities. But this is possible only till you let it. Always stay focussed on your work and work to develop your self-worth.

5. Keep all communications documented

When it comes to politics in office, credit theft is another evil that you cannot escape. But you can raise your voice if needed provided you have kept all communications and activities recorded. This enables you to have the proof for the arguments that you raise.

Politics in office - working lady

Politics in office is something that has been happening for decades and might continue for decades to come. While you cannot expect an absolute detour from the scenario, with the tips given above, you can keep them at bay to a great extent. Try them in your corporate space and let us know your experience. For more ideas and tips for holistic living join our holistic wellness community. Keep following Rakhi Jayashankar and Holistic Wellness with RJ.

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  1. This is so true and informative and something that we all experience knowingly or unknowingly. Will follow the tips, especially about keeping everything documented

  2. Occupational wellness plays an important role to keep work-life balance. Liked the point that every thing needs to be documented and staying away from such gossiping groups is always a good way to have healthy relationship with all.

    1. Like you said, documenting work and all communication is very very important and something that I did too. But I feel sometimes when one avoids the gossip group becomes the target of that group so its really imp to knw how to strike a balance without being a part of them.

  3. Politics and workplace go hand in hand. You have shared really valid points. If one follows them will have a peaceful workplace.

  4. Aah! Office politics… it exists everywhere and can be so toxic and unpleasant. Staying away from gossips and documenting all communication is a good way to navigate through this prevelant practice in offices.

  5. I swear, the politics in any workplace can harm your mental peace and you need to well understand how to handle it. I really liked the tips you shared it’s so important to stay away and be positive to sustain.

  6. There is no workplace without any office politics. These are great ways to handle the problem in a subtle way and how to avoid in first place.

  7. Office politics can be real nasty and one should always distance themselves from it as it can leave to bad consequences. Knowing your limits and documenting everything can help you deal with it for sure.

  8. Occupational wellness isn’t talked about much although it affects the person as well as his family. Limited professional relations and avoiding gossip is most important.

  9. These are such valuable advice buddy, I remember how office politics crumbled during my initial years at work, had no guidance then.

  10. Quite a relevant topic to write upon.. I learnt all of this the hard way when I was in my corporate job in an MNC. But since there are all kinds of people everywhere despite their nationality I succumbed to office politics. Hope it helps to others.

  11. Good tips, I think that keeping away from office gossip or perhaps hearing it and not commenting or forwarding it plays a huge role in keeping your sanity intact. I’ve experienced it and I’m so much at peace than my colleagues.

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