Attain Emotional Wellness Through Relationship Goals

Relationships/marriages are the eternal bonds made in heaven! I have never heard a stinkier BS. Relationships happen and sustain with an immense human effort which accompanies perseverance, adjustment, understanding, and lots of love and care. As easy as it sounds, it is equally tough to sustain a connection that begins with dopamine, develops with adrenaline, and concludes with responsibilities and economic, occupational as well as social commitments. Hence a few relationship goals could help you attain emotional wellness.
The pandemic has seen unforeseen variations in the relationship graphs of many families – positively and vice-versa. Nonetheless, a healthy relationship and sometimes lack of it is much needed for emotional wellness. Let’s address a few points that we could take care of to rekindle the lost love or give wind to the one that’s being ignited.

Relationship Goals

Emotional wellness and relationship goals


An open and unconditionally occupiable conversation is inevitable in any relationship. It could be an impromptu vacation or a drive or even a coffee date on your balcony. But the topic should be the both of you. Would you keep in mind to reserve your mutual belittling session for another time? (I’m sure there would be many of these sorts 😀)

Have a couple journal

A couple journal is a short notebook or a diary wherein you enter the best moments or the toughest challenges. You can read this out for each other weekly or monthly. Always make sure to give each other a little surprise in the journal. It could be as small as a rose petal or something grand.

Relationship goals - Couple journal

The massage time

Give each other a massage. This need not be a coital experience. You can simply give each other a head massage or hand and foot massage. You can incorporate this during your communication sessions.

Relationship goals - Couple Massage

No gadgets or together gadgets

There should be a daily ‘no-gadgets’ session in your relationship. Read books together or water plants together. You could do any hobby that both likes or take turns for each other’s passion. Also, if nothing, have your gadget together for a brief OTT session. You can also bring youe interests together like reading books near your partner while he watches his show or vice versa.

Practice Respect

You might not be living the same life as your parents. Respect your partner’s choice and understand that you are living in a different social setup than your parents. Never compare!

While these are a few tips to rekindle the love and passion in your relationship, there are some relationships that are not made or mismanaged in heaven – The toxic ones. No amount of rekindling works in such traumatic situations. Take help when needed, and if no help can help, step out! Because emotional wellness is the primary goal of a relationship. If it is emotionally draining instead you know better because relationship goals don’t mean that you have to cling on to something. It also means your goal is to attain emotional wellness.

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  1. Bang on post Rakhi. You have explained it so well. Though these pointers seem very basic but we often ignore them. And we give a permanent excuse – our busy lives. Respect and open communication is must in any relationship then bring a couple in the picture and the need is at the next level. As a couple, we have to be open about our feelings and be respectful towards our partner.

  2. Great tips Rakhi. I agree each relationship requires some efforts to keep it healthy. I loved the idea of couple journal. it was new to me. indeed, it is a great creative way to add an unique touch to relationship.

  3. It is so important to be conscious about relationships and work on them. Communication is indeed the key to any relationship, as this helps in avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts, to a great extent.

  4. Such a well researched and well written post , Rakhi ! Mutual respect , exclusive couple time and communication definitely seem to be the spark that keeps the fire alive in marriages in the long term.

  5. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. I like the concept of maintaining a journal, something fun to do.

  6. I have been married for 35 years,and yes I have had my ups and downs. I really liked dome of your pointers that emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship

  7. Such a well thought out article. The pointers are definitely doable to make relationships last. I especially love the couple journal I might actually get started

  8. For every relationship, it’s really important to communicate and move ahead with the tips you have shared. This is such a well written post!!

  9. This post is so important on several fronts buddy and this reminder did strike a chord. Can I agree more, glad you shared these tips

  10. In today’s time and age, maintaining a good, healthy relationship is the toughest job for couples. And many are not willing to put in the time and effort required to make the relationship work. Your post offers great advice for every couple.

  11. Well researched ideas and tips, communication is the key when it comes to having a solid relationship. Spending some time together and away from any gadgets is my most favorite.

  12. These are very good tips and goals for relationships. I think communication is the key and it is important to let each other know about the feelings and thoughts even if sometimes they are negative.

  13. I feel relationship goals is a wide spectrum term. I agree to most of your points but maintaining a couple journal is little far fetched with respect to expecting men to be interested in this. I feel time without gadgets is quite relevant.

  14. Relationships require efforts from both sides with mutual understanding. The points which you have explained here are very much important to be applied in the relationship. And respect plays an important part

  15. totally agree with your post. i have a similar one and massage is the top priority. I didn’t know couple journals are helpful though. I should tell hubby about it.

  16. Every relationship needs time and that can be gained through your helpful pointers. Assumption and lack of communication are main reasons for any relationship going sore.

  17. Great tips Rakhi. I agree each relationship requires some efforts to keep it healthy. I loved the idea of couple journal.

  18. The only thing that helped me sail through the lockdown and pandemic with the quality time I spent with my husband. He was working as his work was under essential services but we took out time for each other. And we still stay up late to be with one another

  19. I totally agree with you that each relationship requires some efforts to keep it healthy. I loved the idea of couple journal.

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