Mindfulness 4-min

Mindful Living – A Dream Place Where Mind Is Without Fear

We procrastinate our journey to success due to a lack of confidence or fear of failure. The thought of getting going itself sends a feeling of insecurity and fear. The reason for the fear could be anything – judgement, failure, family, relatives, strangers. The more we look outside for inspiration, the more you see reasons to pull yourself back. Hence it is imperative to fight the fear. Where mind is without fear, we attain unbeleivable feats. To get rid of fear we need to be awake, mindful.

Mindfulness 4-min

Where mind is without fear

Fear, as we said is a deterrent to success. When we focus our energy in the right track, we defeat our fear. Mindful living is the best way to accomplish this. We see our surroundings vividly, our perspectives grow and we find ourselves and see ourselves in better light with clarity.

Being mindful helps us in fighting anxiety, stress and other psychological situations and also helps us in developing the focus and develop productivity. Once we enter this zone of our mind, slowly we kick the fear out of our mind. Where mind is without fear, the following happen.

Benefits of mindful living

Amidst the numerous benefits, of mindful living, the following are the most prominent and commonly attained and searched for my laymen.

Practicing mindfulness

When mind is without fear

Practicing mindfulness is not a herculean task nor an easy one. To train your mind to be in the moment and to prevent it from wandering around as well as bringing in negative energy, immense practice and perseverance is needed. With more research and information coming out in relation with mindful living, more are more people have started learning about it.

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your awareness to the present moment at the present physical location that you are in. In short the experience is something that you view as a third person. You need to find yourself out of it. You need not attain any special talent to practice mindfulness. It is a natural skill of human beings, but it need to be practiced with the help of a mindfulness coach if you need to attain maximum results. This way you defeat your fear and where mind is without fear you are leading a mindful living.

Another important factor that your must know about being mindful is that it is not cconnected with any religion. It has nothing to do with your will power. It is all about the practice.

When Mind is without fear

Get rid of the excuses

The most common excuses that we give to not do anything is lack of time. So, let me tell you that if lack of time is your excuse, them mindfulness is your solution. Because with mindfulness if you start living your life in awareness, you become more productive and hence your planning becomes way more effective.

It starts with seeing the minutest details of things around you and the texture, color, consistency. Slowly build up and widen your vision. Observe yourself as a third person without engaging in the train of thoughts. This is a slow and lengthy transformation. Hence if you are not able to accomplish it in one week, or one month, don’t get disheartened. Stay with us for more updates and tips on mindful living and get rid of all your fears. Because where mind is without fear you become your God.

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