how to eft tapping

How To eFT Tapping your way to peace, happiness, and health

Since becoming an EFT Tapping coach, I have advocated this magic formula to everyone I know. Be it anxiety, depression, ADHD, fibromyalgia, or any similar conditions, if you know how to EFT Tapping your way to peace and happiness, nothing can stop you.

how to eft tapping

What is tapping EFT?

It is an alternative therapy procedure that relies on tapping the meridian points. Developed in 1990 by Gary Craig, EFT tapping is psychological acupressure. The method is tapping your meridian points in a particular sequence while focusing on your issues. So how to EFT tapping your way to happiness? While doing it how to choose your line and what issues to address? How will your EFT tapping worksheet help you assess your progress? Many many questions to ponder. We will address them one by one.

Benefits of EFT Tapping

It can be beneficial in curing or addressing and keeping a check on the following conditions.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Phobias
  • Stress
  • Weight Loss issues

How to EFT Tapping the benefits

The theory is based on the fact that issues occur in our lives when energy flow is obstructed. By tapping the meridian points aka pressure points, you release this energy and channel it positively. In mindfulness, we bring our awareness to the body and breathing. We distract ourselves and divert the awareness to a point that helps them in channelizing the energy positively. Similarly in EFT Tapping, we tap the meridian points so as to activate them and use them to deal with your issues.

How to EFT Tapping ?

How to EFT Tapping
  1. The first step in incorporating EFT Tapping in your life is to identify the issue.
  2. Be it anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobia, addiction, etc, you need to identify it and rank it on a scale of 10. See how much you are getting affected by the issue.
  3. Decide your statement: Before you start, you need to decide on the statement that you need to say. It is in two parts. The first part is the issue that you want to address and the second part is the positive statement or acceptance statement. Eg: I have a fear of spiders, but I profoundly love myself.
  4. After repeating a few rounds of tapping, write down the rank which would have come down. Repeat this process until you reach 0.

EFT Tapping sequence

The sequence of tapping is in the order of the meridian points that you want to stimulate.

1. Karate Chop point

Karate chop point, also known as the small interesting meridian is the first point in the EFT Tapping series. Use your four fingers excluding the thumb and tap the Karate Chop Point.

2. Between the eyebrows

The portion between the eyebrow or the third eye region is also called the bladder meridian. This is the second point of the series.

3. Edge of the eyes

Gall bladder meridian is the next point and is located on the edges of your eyes on both sides of the forehead.

4. Under the eye

The stomach meridian is the 4th point of the series. It is situated on the bony area under the eye.

5. Under the nose

This is called governing vessel meridian point. Situated under the nose and above the lips, this is the fifth meridian point.

6. Chin

Next meridian point situated on the chin is the central vessel meridian point.

7. Collar bone

Coming down, kidney meridian point situated on the collarbone is one of the most effective and sensitive points.

8. Underarm

Now comes the spleen meridian point one both sides of the underarms. It is situated right below the armpits and not inside it.

9. Crown

The point where one round of tapping ends is the governing vessel point on the top of the head. If you draw a line from the top of both ears, the point where they merge is the crown meridian point.

Now that you know how to EFt Tapping and where to do it, what are you waiting for? Start tapping your way to wellness. We will be coming up with TFT Tapping soon for specific issues.

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  1. That’s a very new kind of therapy to bring peace in our lives. But yes, it’s all about energy, and you very rightly stated that issues occur when energy gets obstructed.

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  3. EFT Tapping is something new for me. However, I can see its similarity with acupressure. It seems to be really effective and also simple to practice without any side effects, whatsoever.

  4. EFT Tapping is a simple yet powerful tool that can help you release emotions and clear energetic blocks. It is based on the premise that all emotions are stored in the body as energy and that by tapping on specific points on the body, you can release these emotions and clear the blockages.

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      This post was really informative
      EFT tapping is new to me and all the meridian points listed is something I can’t wait to explore

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  14. EFT tapping is something new for me & i am very much excited to try this out.

  15. EFT tapping is something new for me and sounds interesting. I am very much excited to try this out.

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