Sustainable clothing online

World of Ek Brings Aesthetics with Sustainable Clothing Online

It was believed that comfort and fashion never go hand in hand, more so if we want to ensure sustainable living. When we wear something that gives us a feel-good vibe, procreating a new fashion statement becomes a long-lost dream. But with ample research in the fashion arena, being fashionable is no longer reserved for ramps and over-the-top costumes. With numerous e-commerce websites coming to the fore, we are left unabashed about how we should choose the right brand which provides dresses that are comfortable, fashionable, and reasonable. I was surfing for good sustainable clothing online to wear during summer and came across a new website – World of Ek by the gorgeous Ekta Kapoor. And I started surfing.

Sustainable clothing online

World of Ek by Ekta Kapoor

World of EK has a variety of kurta to wear with jeans, leggings, carrot pants, pencil pants as well as palazzo. The kurtas are all sustainable and lightweight. The color theme is predominantly earthy and soothing colors. There are also cute and beautiful dresses. The aesthetically designed website is rich with images of Kurtas, home decor, and ornaments. While I was primarily looking for Kurtas, the website also has home decor, handicrafts, wellness products, and more. Despite the temptations, I stuck to one goal. To buy a kurta. So why did I decide to go for a kurta? There are numerous benefits of investing in a good kurta.

Benefits of Investing in a Cotton kurta

Kurtas are the best choice for an Indian woman when it comes to a shopping spree. But have you ever thought about why investing in a kurta can be the best choice that you can make?

1. Kurtas can be worn on any occasion.

Be it in the office, on casual outings or at a party, kurtas never go unnoticed. You can pair them with pajamas, carrot pants, leggings, palazzos, and jeans. They are function-ready attires.

2. Cotton kurtas are eco friendly

Cotton kurtas could be worn without guilt as they are not harmful to you or nature. You can flaunt your fashion while being committed to the world. They are hypoallergic and durable too

3. Fits you perfectly

If you are someone who is not confident about your body, I would say, join my 21 days wellness program. But if you want to wear something to enhance the beauty of your body, there is nothing as good as a Kurta. They are available in different fits and styles for all body types.

4. Easy maintenance

No headache from dry washing, no pain from the temperature while ironing, no hassles. Cotton kurtas are one of the most convenient pieces of clothing you could have in your wardrobe. They are easy to maintain and long-lasting.

My latest purchase

While looking for kurtas, I was looking for something that could be worn as Indian as well as western wear and also as sustainable clothing online. The one I bought was a Maroon kurta with a stylized yoke that extends all the way from the chest to the lower back.

The material is lightweight and the color doesn’t fade even after washing. The cotton is neatly woven. I wore it once with a Palazzo and then with tight leggings. Due to the free fit, it can be worn as a dress as well. In short, I got three styles of dresses for the price of one.

I had worn a clip inside as I was not conformable with the deep neck. But let me tell you, it will look fab if worn in its clasic deep neck style. The kurta looked stunning. It can be doubled as daily wear as well as party wear kurta. Overall World of EK has given a satisfactory purchase of sustainable clothing online. Now I am looking forward to their home decor collection.

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  1. I have heard about this brand back in days when Ekta was invited in big boss and there she revealed it. Great to see they have come up with comfortable women ware โค๏ธ

  2. I absolutely loved the look of the kurta. I am in the plus size. I am always hesitant about ordering a kurta online. Is it available in plus sizes too?

  3. I must agree with you on your observation that fashion and comfort doesn’t always go hand-in-hand, especially nowadays. It also must be highlighted that that “comfort” doesn’t only mean comfortable in wearing but also being comfortable with a high price to pay for it. I’m glad you’re able to find a store that caters your needs.

  4. Kurtas are great to have in your wardrobe as they are comfortable, elegant, and also ethnic. These cotton Kurtas that are also sustainable seem really nice. I love the colour and the print too.

  5. Wow your purchase seems so lovely and comfy! This time when I visited India after 2 long years, my grandmother encouraged me to wear kurtas and I got obsessed! Theyโ€™re so convenient and beautiful I got so many colors ๐Ÿ’œ
    Anything cotton and elegant is my thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I liked the outfit and it’s of my taste and preferences. The cut and style is elegant. Even the color print is also soothing to eyes. So now you know my choice ๐Ÿ˜ send it to me

  7. Sounds interesting will definitely check out the website
    You are about cotton kurti and comfort

  8. I have heard about this brand but never tried it. I like to wear cotton clothes most of the time. These Kurtis looks so comfortable to wear.

  9. The kurta looks beautiful and I am impressed with the brand’s take on sustainability. I am excited to know more about their home decor collection. Keep sharing.

  10. I have heard of the Ek brand but had never tried it. My skin is very sensitive, so I always wear cotton suits or other dresses. I will definitely check out her website, hoping the prices are reasonable.

  11. These cotton Kurtas that are also sustainable seem really nice. I love the colour and the print too. Definitely try out this collections soon.

  12. Sustainable products always grab my attention. Good to know that the styling and the fabric are excellent, shall explore World of Ek.

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