Toilets India developed are the best

How are the toilets India brought about, the best toilet styles?

For the longest time, I have counted those who use Indian toilets as obsolete folks who don’t get updated. Who would want to squat on tacky spaces and wash the bum the old-fashioned way when we can simply sit and spray, you know what I mean? But more often than not, my megalomaniac updated lifestyle took a backseat and I learned some things are better done the old-fashioned way like defecation aka pooping. And with shock, I realized that of the toilet styles, the kind of toilets India brought forward is the best for your gut health as well as overall wellness. Let’s see how.

Toilets India developed are the best

Toilets India introduced in the market

The introduction of civilized defecation dates back to the Harappan times. During the Vedic period, clearing the excreta was reserved as a job for a separate section of society. which you all might have learned from history textbooks. But in those days the Indian toilets that we see today or its analog were used by the kings and the elite. Through centuries, the system was taken over by the other sections but on all occasions, defecation by squatting was the way to flush out the waste in the body.

Slowly the toilets termed Indian toilets were introduced into the market and the rest is history. But over the years we saw the prevalence of European toilets was hiking and the use of the toilets India was credited for ceased to exist, well almost. As a result, our overall gut health is. for which India was known for, went downhill. While European toilets are convenient, especially for the older generations and the ones with leg issues, the advantages of Indian toilets outrun everything. So if you ask me which toilet seat is the best, Indian or Western? My answer would invariably be the former.

Advantages of Indian Toilet Style

Had this been my grandmother telling me, I would have snubbed it as an outlook of an old, outdated lady. But yes it has been scientifically proven that Indian toilets are better. Let’s see why

Indian Toilets

1. Personal hygiene

Without a doubt, my first point in preferring the Indian toilet style would be personal hygiene especially while using public toilets. Instead of splurging disinfectant spray and sprawling tissues over the toilet seats, we can squat and get it done. No more worries about getting an infection from the toilet.

2. Better Digestion

Since you are defecating in a squatting position, your puborectalis muscles that help in pushing the still out are compressed. This way there is pressure to push the stool completely out without any reminiscence and that too in no time. The largely improves your bowel health.

3. Lesser use of water

The European toilets waste liters of water while flushing wherein Indian toilets save water and tissues for that matter. So you are saving the environment while choosing to squat.

4. Reduces colon cancer

Toilets India

The common cause of colon cancer is improper defecation. As mentioned above the squatting position makes sure that the excreta is removed totally, this reduced the chance of colon cancer.

5. Good pregnant women

It is believed that using Indian toilets regularly helps women considerably if they are going for a natural delivery. Also, it doesn’t put any pressure on the uterus

Toilets India

6. Your daily squats

Using Indian toilets contributes to your share of squats and gives a good stretch and helps in strengthening your hamstrings.

Let us embrace the toilets India has been using back again and embrace our health. For more health and wellness posts and updates, keep following Holistic wellness with RJ and Rakhi Jayashankar.

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  1. I agree with your points, but this is one issue that plagues people with back problems. Once you have a disk prolapse or a knee transplant then using this becomes difficult. I grew up using this but now I find the WC to be more convenient as getting up is a big issue and squatting is a big NO now.

  2. Covid has brought forth the value of Indian toilets. I have been trying to squat for yoga but I cannot do it anymore. But it is the best for the gut.I have written a blog on Wiper washer what art thou. Washing I feel is much better than using toilet paper.

  3. Burgeoning waistlines and wobbly knees have been instrumental in popularizing the European style toilets but it is quite true that squatting helps improve the ease of defecation and tones the muscles of the thighs and back., though I will not go as far as to say it will prevent cancers.

  4. Yes, I believe Indian toilets are a much better option. I agree with the points you have shared. I wasn’t aware of the details you shared about colon cancer.

  5. This is an important but less discussed topic. nowadays, modern generation did not like to use Indian style toilet and think it is not comfortable. but if analyses it for health and hygiene point of view, it is way better option than western style one. great post and you have explained all points so well in this post.

  6. Indian toilets made sure that hygiene and health are walking side by side, but with space crunch and modernization we have leapt forward and coming back will be a challenge.

  7. I started since a kid with Indian style toilets and was OK with it till the time I faced by slip disc problem. Yes, its true that Indian toilets are the most scientific ones but with back problem Western is the only solution. Even people with knee problems when vote for Western over Indian style. But what you said about Indian Toilets are absolute true.

  8. There are so many things we know are better yet modernisation makes irreversible changes in our lifestyle. Alas, squatting is hardly an option anymore for us urban folks.

  9. I totally agree, there are so many benefits of Indian style toilets and I so wanted at least on such in my house. Hygiene and health both are key for better health and this style provide both in abundance.

  10. I totally agree with you that Indian style toilet has so many benefits and even in my home I always prefer Indian style toilets.

  11. No doubt squatting and defecting is our old Indian way to clear out and has too many health benefits, but The western ones provide so much ease now. There are squatty stools which are available that changes your sitting position to squatting,

  12. I remember my gynae asking me to use Indian toilets during my 9th month of pregnancy to ensure normal and smooth delivery:)

  13. I am with you on this. Though while wearing saree and some elaborate ethnic wear, I curse the Indian toilets, I am well aware that on road trips, I prefer only Indian toilets because I don’t have to waste toilet sprays or extra tissues to wipe the English commode. As you said, we can just squat and get things done and flee.

  14. Western culture’s influence hasn’t even left the toilet. Squatting and defecting is without a doubt our old Indian way of clearing out and has far too many health benefits; I agree with all of your points.

  15. Yes, I believe Indian toilets are a much better option in terms of hygine but pepole with back issues or hip surgery can not use that. It is difficult for them to use Indian toilets. I agree with the points you have shared. Although I was not aware about colon cancer issue beacuse of this.

  16. I agree with the points you have mentioned here. You have covered almost all the benefits. I believe the choice varies from person to person and according to their health conditions

  17. Yesterday only I went to someone’s place, and there was only an Indian toilet. It was difficult for me to use it because obviously the more usage of English toilets at home and everywhere. But yes! I feel it’s good for those who’re using it regularly. And yes, this is good for squatting during pregnancy but I am not used to it so, I’ll not prefer it. It was damn difficult for me to use it even once. Though you have mentioned brilliant points.

  18. I have read somewhere that Indian-style toilets are better for our health. The smooth defecation process is the most important of all. Our ancestors felt that most health problems begin from stomach, that’s why this precision in making toilets.

  19. I have grown up using it and I still think it’s the best albeit for people with hip or knee problems
    Then we iis considered

  20. Indian toilets are indeed better as it helps cleaning the stomach properly as well as flexibility due to squatting is also a benefit.

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