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Self-love is never possible if you don’t love your body and your skin. You might have dark or fair skin, dry, oily or combination skin, skinny or plump body but still you can look your best. Your best look has nothing to do with your skin type or body type. Notwithstanding which category you belong to, you can look the best. You can revive your confidence. Are you ready to boost your confidence so much that you look the best ever?

Looking good is never reserved to skin care. Exercise can do wonders to your body and skin. But quite often we are not able to reach a conclusion as to which is the best exercise for you. To know that you should know your body type first.

Earlier all I knew was about Pear Shaped🍐 , Apple Shaped🍎, and hourglass⌛. Then a wider version of this came by the names inverted triangle 🔽, triangle🔼, rectangle⏹️ and the perfect hour glass⌛.

But the latest are Ectomorphs, Endomorphs and Mesomorphs.


Ectomorphs are considered the luckiest. The so called ones who can eat anything and not gain weight. Apparently those who are inherently Ectomorphs hate their body type. Grass is always green on the other side.


Endomorphs are the ones who metaphorically gain weight by drinking water. They are the unlucky ones who do everything in their possibility to gain weight but fails miserably.


Mesomorphs are the muscular ones. Their body will be toned and tends to develop muscles.

I have been an Ectomorph all my life and post delivery dramatically transformed into an Ectomorph. Hormones are often blamed. Now we will see what I did to tame my body and skin together.

The tips and information I share are applicable for healthy women, who don’t have any serious health issues and those are the exercises and methods that are personally tried by me and not a sponsored post.

I have tried three exercise methods. All three were tried at home.

1. Dance

I have never been an acclaimed dancer. I have learned dance while in school and somewhere I missed the passion. But enrolling my daughter was a opening for me as well. I rejoined the dance class and what better exercise can I have. It’s an exercise for by body and soul.

You need not be a trained dancer. You can get several dance videos online and there are numerous Apps that provide exercise with dance or Zumba or anything of such sort.

2. Yoga

I started Yoga after my third delivery. When I started having ENT issues and doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia I had to do something to destress myself and Yoga was my exit route. It helped me revive my skin,psyche and above all my soul. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say that a month after I started off, I was glowing from within. I started getting the feel of the Yoga Skin. My ENT issues, pain, numbness, everything vanished into thin air and I started feeling alive.

3. Workout challenges

There are numerous Apps that provide workout challenges. Like 30 days workout challenge, ABS workout challenge etc. It was like a competition. And it was fun to meet those challenges.

These were my workout regimes and I swear by them. Post lockdown,there have been a few hindrances to these workout programs. I do them for two days and skip for two weeks. I haven’t been able to maintain the consistency. But last two weeks have been crazy. And I’m back in action.


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  1. Am an ectomorph who is taking full advantage of her inability to gain weight 😂 I have actually been looking for an app to use because I know I need to start working out. Which would you suggest?

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