How To Turn Pain Into Positivity?

Pain is fearsome, be it physical or emotional. None of us want to deal with it because we believe that we are not capable of dealing with it. As a result, we try to keep ourselves busy and distracted so that we don’t have to think about the hurt it causes. As a result, the core source of the pain remains unattended and it remains sore. So, what should we do to enable us to deal with it? How to turn pain into positivity?

Turn pain into positivity

Turn pain into positivity:

There have been instances in my past when I have questioned my self-worth, questioned my choices, and succumbed to emotional hurt. Every time I tried to push it down the sewage by keeping myself busy and not letting myself think of it. It helps in a short-term relief but once the trigger is back, I am back to square 1. This was like a hamster loop which I struggled to come out of. Finally, I found the magical formula. Here is how to turn your pain into positivity.

How to turn pain into positivity

1. Deal with the source of pain

If you are suffering from physical pain you can have several analgesics but emotional pain needs to be dealt with in a deeper perspective. Deal with it. Never try to stop thinking of it because the more you do, the more you get sucked into the whirlpool. The best way is to let yourself feel the emotions. Be with yourself and try to find out the triggers that give you the pain. If you are unable to think straight to find your trigger, never fail to take help.

2. Find similar souls

Turn pain into positivity

If we step out of India we can find numerous anonymous groups which help bring people with similar experiences together. Unfortunately, Indian society is still closed and has its window sealed towards opening up. Have you ever wondered why a common enemy binds you stronger than a common friend? Because in such cases you share the pain. Similarly finding people who share the pain. Make sure not to fall into any traps in this process.

3. Journal your feelings


Feelings have a strange way of getting mutated once laid out. Journaling your thoughts have the same effect as sharing it with someone. You can see for yourself how you are dealing with your feelings the right way. Do not try to have a structure for this. You are not writing a blog post or a book. You are sharing your feelings with yourself. It is your mirror. If you lost someone, tell them how much they mean to you. Tell how you could let yourself deal with the loss. You can be your counselor.

4. Explore your passion

You might be good at something. Reading, writing, singing, gardening, drawing, cooking, or even cleaning your house. Try to find creative ways in doing what you love the most. For me, my blog was the outlet but at some point it became stagnant and I could not think and write. I took a break and did nothing for one month. I took multiple breaks from my social media just to make me figure it out. Now I have the answer to the questions. Once I am back I redesigned my blog, started doing digital marketing for budding women entrepreneurs. These and a few more ventures are in place and I am back with a bang. There are several surprises coming up. They will be shared soon…

5. Meditate and exercise

Turn pain into positivity - meditate

Meditation and exercise are all healers. They have the power of controlling letting yourself controlling your mind in ways that you have never expected. Start meditating and exercising.

6. Analyse your weekly progress

Check your progress every week and see how much you have progressed from where you started. You will be surprised to see a new you smiling. But no! don’t give up, keep on trying and continue what you have been doing.

What more to say, you have learned to turn your pain into positivity. If despite all this you are not able to help yourself, never hesitate to take help because talking help is the best gift you can give yourself at times ultimate peace of mind. Till we meet next time stay happy stay positive.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. Those are really helpful tips. I have a habit of noting down my daily activities and cleaning my cupboard. These really help in clearing away some clutter. Otherwise, I also go for walks and listen to music.

  2. Awesome tips Rakhi and I loved you have explained everything here. luckily, i follow most of these pointers in my routine life and it helps me a lot to deal with any emotional pain or problems that I am facing. following your passion and take out time for things that love to do is a major step that brings a positive change in your emotional health.

  3. Following our passion and take out time for things that love to do is a major step that brings a positive change in our emotional health.

  4. We all have good days and bad days. But if something bothers us again and again, it is a clear indication that we should work on the root cause of our problem. As a life coach I suggest everyone not to overlook feelings. A needful topic touched by you Rakhi. Kuddos to you.

  5. I believe I am actually dealing with my source of pain, and I am exploring my passions these days. But I must say its a very worthy content.

  6. We all experience negativity and pain in our life but it’s very important how we mold it into positivity. These tips are very good and helpful. Thanks for sharing this article.

  7. My blog was born out of pain and in the last 4 years I have reached many similar conclusions. Working through your pain is the only way to get out of it.

  8. This is one the best write up I read today. Your pointers are so helpful for someone who is struggling to heal the come out of a pain. Really awesome.

  9. I have gone through emotional pain several times in my life and even though I have dealt with the pain in isolation, I have never fully understood why my feelings were played upon like they didn’t exist in the first place. As a person with a high emotional quotient, I have let go of many things in my life.

  10. We all experience pain in our life but it’s very important how we mold it into positivity. These tips are very good and helpful.

  11. Each and every point here, is so helpful to get over pain and move towards positivity. This is an essential topic, specially through the situation we are dealing with, wherein almost each one of us have gone through pain in some way or the other.

  12. Lovely tips to overcome pain. I usually journal my feelings and see where it heads to. And I agree finding a similar souls helps.

  13. These are some helpful pointers to turn pain into positivity. For me meditation helps, and would try journaling my thoughts; would be helpful.

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