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Skincare has been a part of Day 18 of my 21 days wellness program. Skincare is a part of everyone’s routine but why a specific section for the same? Well, lets us retrospect and see how we have been neglecting basic skin care, which has been reserved for mere face wash and maybe moisturizer. The routine is jam-packed with one activity after the other and ‘I have no time for skincare’ emerges as a new normal because we believe selfcare is sefishness. Moreover, it has been time and again reinforced by mothers and homemakers, and working women so to speak. Why this negligence towards the skin? And why is skincare important?

Why is skincare important

Why is skincare important?

Skin is an important organ in our body without which our muscles, bones, and internal organs would be all over the place. It is that cover that tight packs everything. The skin is packed in three layers

  • epidermis
  • dermis
  • subcutaneous layer.

Skin is a sensitive cover that needs to be cleared and maintained well. It does not stop with mere face wash, though it is of prime importance. Let’s see why skin care is important and what products are inevitable in our routine.


The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, the protective layer. If you look at the skin you can see a layer that is lying still but the skin is like a calm lake. We never know what is happening beneath. Under the layer of the epidermis, skin is being rejuvenated and new skill cells are created. The layer on the top will be shed. We lose 40000 to 50000 dead cells per year. It is believed that we lose 4 kilograms of skin per year. 95% of the epidermis is engaged in creating new cells while the remaining 5% in producing Melanin, a substance that gives color to the skin. When you are out in the sun, the body produces more melanin so as to protect the skin from sunburn.

However, when you are exposed to harsh sunrays, Melanin produced naturally by your body might not suffice. A good quality sunscreen lotion is a must to apply about 20m minutes before you step out. While we don’t compromise on the quality of the food we eat why compromise on skin care? When it comes to skincare Lotus Botanicals is the best you can go about. The Vitamin C Brightening Matte Fluid Sunscreen by Lotus Botanicals is rich in the goodness of Vitamin C and protection of SPF 50. It is water resistant and provides UVA and UVB protection. It also prevents dark spots, photo aging, and pigmentation. Use this after washing your face with Vitamin C skin brightening Face Wash

Why is skincare important


The dermis is the layer of skin under the epidermis. It has all the nerve endings, blood vessels, etc. As we grow old due to thinning of the skin, the dermis becomes more visible. DErmis also has oil glands called sebaceous glands which are insulation for the skin. Sweat glands as the name suggests, produce sweat which is escaped through the pores. The sweat and the sebum mix together and create a sticky layer.

Subcutaneous layer

The subcutaneous layer helps to keep the skin stay warm and attaches the skin to the tissues beneath. Moreover, the hair follicles originate from this layer.

Cleansing, and Moisturising

Cleansing Toning Moisturising (CTM) has been the best skincare regime for eons. However, my skin doesn’t take toning well. As I always say, the best skincare is that which is good for each one. So Cleansing and Moisturising it is for me. When it comes to the best moisturizer, Lotus Botanical Bio Retinol Youth Radiance Ultra Creme is the winner. The presence of Bakuchiol, a natural Vitamin A derivative helps in fighting fine lines and wrinkles. During the night, Vitamin C Brightening night creme rejuvenates the skin overnight reducing uneven skin tone, wrinkles etc. The Ubtan detan radiance body and face mask is my favorite mask till date.

If you are convinced why skincare is important, start using Lotus Botanicals products to rejuvenate your skin.

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  1. Lotus Botanicals products looks quite promising to rejuvenate your skin. Foremost, I ma gonna try Vitamin C Brightening night creme:)

  2. I really like Lotus products as they suit my skin. I have extremely oily skin and only Lotus sunscreen is what I can use.

  3. Very well penned the detail of skin types and why skin care is essential.
    Lotus is indeed a trusted brand. My mother only uses lotus products as it suits her skin.

  4. The retinol based bio radiance cream by Lotus looks to be a must try for me. It has retinol and the brand has my trust.

    1. You have beautifully explained why skin care is important.i am a kind of person who keeps on postponing about skin care session.thank u for this wonderful post

  5. I have also reviewed lotus botanical products few days ago on blog. my mom has used their products and loved them. indeed, lotus is a great brand. thanks dear for sharing your honest experience with us.

  6. You have underlined the importance of skin care very well. Most of us tend to forget the fact that the skin is a body organ too.

  7. I have been using Lotus Botanicals products and I find them to be awesome for skin care. I love their natural ingredients and the fact that they are free of harsh chemicals. They make my skin feel so smooth and refreshed. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great product!

  8. I love their lotus products so much as they are not only trusted but so good when it comes to a skincare routine. Thanks for this review.

  9. 4 stars
    I have never used this product or brand. Skincare is definitely a necessary part of self care. Lotus seems a great brand. I’m looking forward to try this brand. Thank you for reviewing.

  10. Hmm..first time hearing about lotus products and really intrigued by it! It looks like a great product though. Appreciate you making this review.

  11. Great post on the benefits of skincare with natural ingredients. Helpful tips and product recommendations from Lotus Botanicals.

  12. I have tried most of the products from this range and its just changed my skincare game. The moisturiser is so hydrating. Would definitely recommend to everyone

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