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We know what you need to love yourself. We know how to excavate our passion. We know how to be yourself. To be yourself, we need to find yourself. You need to know who you are.

It is often an irony that we are the only ones who don’t know what we need. Yes, it sounds too far fetched but it is a fact that the ones who hurt you know better how to strike at the right place knowingly or unknowingly. You often think that the solution to a particular problem is the way to your happiness. But in reality the path to your happiness and peace is paved by you only. Your path to happiness has nothing to do with any problems in particular. It depends on how you train yourself to be unruffled no matter what.

  1. Realize your trigger:- The first step of finding yourself is to understand what triggers your mind. It could be a word, a person, mention about an incident or you yourself. You will be tempted to react to shut own the voices or persons that trigger. Sometimes ignoring the triggers is better than facing them. You need to figure out what works the best. Experiene speaks.
  2. Nourish your passion:- Now that you know your passion, you need to nourish it. There is an orgasmic pleasue to it. Make a world for yourself out of this drama in your life.
  3. Retrospection:- To find yourself, retrospection is inevitable. Rewind your past and try to find when you were the happiest. You will be able to find yourself and figure out how eliminate the negativity.
  4. No regrets: Don’t regret any decisions of your life becase everything that takes place is called destiny. There is reason for it and you will realise it somewhere down the line.
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