Learn Money Management And Planning By Playing Online Games With Friends

We live in the digital era where screen time has no longer become a matter of concern. Not because screentime took a positive turn but because we have accepted the reality of the new normal. The pandemic opened a new magical world of digital happiness. When we accept the inevitable, we need to find a way around maximizing the positive aspects of screen time. But how? By tapping into the right avenue! Because we wanted to enable our kids to have a pragmatic future and instill the qualities of savings and planning. After the lockdown, we were trying to get a home for ourselves and wanted to calculate the mortgage for the same. But the search gave us two avenues, one of which is calculating mortgage. What is the next? Will you believe if I tell you that your kids can learn life skills, money management, and planning by playing online games with friends.

Online Games with Friends

Online games with Friends

While I realized that keeping my at bay was impossible I decided to at least find some games that could be educating. None of the word games and puzzles could hold their interest. Conincidentally we stumbled upon the money games in mortgage calculator. The games on this website are all online financial video games for kids. They provide us with real estate games, money games, grocery store games, environmental games, and more. Let’s have a look at some of the games that we played.

Environmental games

The games present us with activities like energy preservation, rescue extraction from the forest, sorting the trash, bin recycling, and other fun games like banana runs and more.

Wind and Solar

Wind and solar is about creating maximum energy but adjusting the windmill and solar panel as per the wind and rain in the area. The panel needs to be moved away from the clouds and rain. We also need to adjust the height of the windmill as per the direction in which the wind is blowing. Kids learn about two energy production methods in such a way that they will never forget.

Sort the trash

Sort the trash is yet another environment game where we need to move the trash can to capture the recyclable waste. The game gives an idea of recycling and helps them understand which are recyclable waste. For instance, we might think we can put ceramic ware in recyclable cans where they are not. Also, the disposable coffee cup. Like wise when we wrongly click any non recyclable item, we get a warning. On repeatedly playing the game, the kids and adults learn recycling at the base level. This helps us in reducing the usage of non recyclable products thereby committing to the environment. Play these online games with friends and create awareness.

Money Games

Kids should learn how to handle money at a young age. Money games in Mortgage calculator helps them to learn the give and take and get used to the transactions. While calculating the balance and collecting the money they involuntarily learn calculations as well.

Cashier game

In this game, we act as the cashier, prepare the bill, collect cash and coins and give the balance back to the customer. There is calculator as well. When we collect the cash and coins and calculate, we are indeed practicing our math skills.

Simulation Games

They also have real time simulation games. Simulation games are the most popular and engaging ones for playing online games with friends. They give us real time experience of activities with a 3D projection. There are options to upgrade various activities as well.

There are more options for the online game lovers with real time gaming experience. Since these are all games connected to daily life, parents can be rest assured that their kids are learning something related to life skills. Kids can be happy that they are playing online games with friends.

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  1. After reading your post, Rakhi, I have learned that online games can be good for kids if we know which ones to choose, I especially like the Wind and Solar Power games and the Sort the Trash games, which will educate and entertain both.

  2. Wine and Solar and Sort the trash – both of these are new to me. They sound pretty interesting and educational. Online games can be a good way to introduce kids to many life skills. Just that we have to be careful about the choice.

  3. I have also reviewed this website few days ago and loved the collection of online games there. I especially liked the money games. they are not only fun but also help in teaching money related concept with ease.

  4. I am going to refer these games to my DIL.My grandsons love to play interesting games. Thank you for sharing, Rakhi

  5. I have a good experience with this online site acting as mortage calculator cum online games provider. The money game was a wonderful one and I just loved it for my free time this online game site is wonderful entertainer.

  6. There are always both parts of any coin, so online games have the same. I am happy that kids can learn money management while playing online games. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. There indeed is a list of games here that sound so worthy buddy, thanks a lot for sharing about them. Once the exams are over we are surely gonna explore them

  8. Although I’m never in the favour of online video games these seem like a good way to teach our kids important issues like finance, environmental concern, etc. Good way to make them take responsibility.

  9. I’ve never loved playing or even the mention of online games when someone utters for hobbies. But whatever you’ve listed is new and looks interesting to me. There is always two sides of a coin though

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