Solutions For Indoor Air Pollution To Make Indoor Air Safer During COVID Pandemic

What we breathe in decides our life for years to come. Unfortunately, our generation is not as lucky as when we were kids. Now we are stuck with breathing in air saturated with toxins. Coming to think of it, we are constantly surrounded by toxic impurities within the safety of our homes as well as outside. The mounting pollution and the indoor air pollution images introduce us to a scary reality, which we cannot just deny. Yes! We have to live with it and that’s the reality. The situation is worse because of the pandemic and its several waves of new variants. While getting rid of the pollution outside is not in our hands, we can still make indoor air safer during the pandemic. Hence we are sharing a few solutions for indoor air pollution. But first things first, let’s get to the root issues.

Solutions for indoor air pollution

What are indoor air pollutants?

Recently a shocking report regarding the plummeting air quality in New Delhi surfaced. According to the report, the levels of PM2.5, the lung-damaging pollutant, are dangerously high in and around Delhi, making the capital city one of the World’s most polluted capitals.
The deteriorating air quality is a matter of concern in every part of India and the world at large. To know more and find solutions for indoor air pollution, we need to know what indoor air pollutants are?

With the pandemic around, polluted air is all the more a threat as the possibility of breathing issues is more. Hence, it is imperative to work on the root cause and make the air safer. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, there are 5 major types of air pollutants – Volatile organic compounds, Excess moisture, Radon, Combustion products, and Tobacco Smoke. With a conscious effort to change our lifestyle, we can find easy solutions to combat indoor air pollution.

Solutions for indoor air pollution

1. Indoor air purifier plants

Embellish the indoors with soothing greens. Indoor air purifier plants are one of the cheapest solutions to indoor air pollution.

Solutions for indoor air pollution - indoor plants

The plants like Areca palms, money plants, peace lily, etc are some of the easy and time-saving options that fall within our budget. Nonetheless, we cannot solely depend on them to keep the air pure because with the level of pollution we are exposed to, the purification by these plants might not suffice.

2. Change AC filters

Air conditioners not only help in maintaining the air temperature, they also filter out the common air pollutants. But since they function by rotating the air within the room, the filters will be blocked after a while. This in turn affects the air quality. Hence make sure to clean your AC filters frequently.

Cleaning AC filter

3. Clean your rugs and carpets

Weekly cleaning of carpets and rugs is important to keep the air clean. Carpets lock in dust particles and in turn act as air filters. To make it effective, you have to clean it regularly.

4. Clean the air ducts and air filters

AC filters are not the only ones that need regular cleaning. Air filters in appliances like vacuum cleaners and also air ducts in the rooms especially the kitchen also need to be cleaned regularly.

5. Use air purifiers / ionisers

However you try to maintain all the aforementioned tips, it is still necessary to have an air purifier / ioniser at home. You are ready to spend thousands on entertainment gadgets then why not for your own safety? Burge electronics have launched the ion Dome which is an air ioniser and virus neutraliser. Burge, a subsidiary of Dhoot Transmission, was established in 2020 when the pandemic hit and isolated us within four walls.

Their sole aim is to ensure the health and wellness of the people and the ion Dome is here to make indoor air safe during the COVID pandemic. Burge ion Dome is an ICMR lab-certified product that helps in removing viruses, allergens, and all sorts of air pollutants. It removes 99.97% of air pollutants including the variants of COVID 19 in 6 minutes.

Burge ion Dome

The highlight of the product is that it neutralizes microorganisms that are both suspended in the air and found on the surface. Thus they ensure safe space in private and public environments. This pretty much explains their motto #BreathPureStayHealthy.


The motto of Burge ion Dome is the aptest as they ensure that you breathe pure air and this stays healthy always. It is a plug-and-play device that is easy to use and doesn’t generate any ozone and also reduces odour and smoke. It also eradicates fungus and mold
by reducing the humidity. With 1 year warranty and 24*7 customer support, you can ensure the safety of your family for good.

Solutions for indoor air pollution - happy family

To know more watch the video

It is better to have an ounce of prevention than tons of care. The solutions for indoor air pollution that we have suggested are your best bet for a healthy tomorrow. Follow them to make indoor air safe during the COVID pandemic and also remain safe and healthy. This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla

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  1. I just checked this product but looks like it is available in India. I will let me relatives know about it. We all crave for fresh air. This will be a good addition.

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    1. Air quality is really bad in Delhi and nearby regions. This product will sure help in purifying the air. And no doubt in it that plants are the real life savers.
      For living a good life we need to maintain a proper hygeine and cleanliness.

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  9. I have read somewhere that Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. these are great pointers that you have shared like I keep air-purifying plants and we also use an indooor air Purifier

  10. Yes airpurifiers are a must and to create awareness for them equally important. I shall pass on your suggestion and review for the product to friends and family who are looking to buy one as it is quite detailed and helpful.

  11. Cleaning Rags, Carpets, windows are a must to purify the air. Also, I do agree with air-purifying plants as they not only clean the air but also breathe oxygen too.

  12. I am a great fan of gardening but whenever I tried to add some plant in my indoor it failed to survive and that is why I stopped keeping inside. But Yes my small garden is full of greenary

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  32. You hear a lot of complaints about air pollution wherein people completely miss out on talking about indoor air pollution. Thanks for the tips!

  33. You hear a lot of complaints about air pollution wherein people completely miss out on talking about indoor air pollution. Thanks for the tips!!

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    I think plants are the top most important step for indoor air purify

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